Any June Babies

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AshleyandAverysmom - February 28

I'm due June 8th ..anyone else around there?


RLWilcox - February 28

Were still on the second trimester board, We will be moving over here tomorrow. :) you should join us..there is a hole LOT of us!! By the way I'm due June 10th....congrats to you!!!


excited2bemama - February 28

Yup.... I guess I am not the only one lurking over here early.... RL is right.. you should join us- we are cool :o) and we have a website!! I'm due june 4th and the rest of us will be over here tomorrow..


jendean00 - February 28

Hi, Due June 27th not quite in third trimester but have been apart of June babies on 2nd trimester board. Sarah that is horrible about your dog, mine are my babies. Has anyone noticed any different behavior in your animals?? My female dog for the last 2 months has started barking in a panic when I leave and I can hear her all the way down my drive way. Then about 2 weeks ago she started running out the door into the garage as I am leaving. Then this morning, she started like nomal and as I am leaving I here both her and my male dog barking so I go back in and they are I am screaming for them to stop. They finally do and both go to a corner to lick there wounds. Anyone else notice things in there pets? Pebbles congrats to you mom what a cool wedding date. I think that will be a very popular date.


Memphisbaby - February 28

We're finally here!!!!! Btw...ashelyandaverymom...I am due June 3rd. You should look at the Junebabies website. sweetestregards dot come /june


sarahsteele - February 28

Im due the 11th AshleyandAverysmom.. and...HELLO ladies!! long time no speak.. ive been away for a while so it took me a LONG time to catch up with all of the conversations =)... biiiig talkers!! wow finally 3rd trimester! woohoo!!!! .. its good to be back on the board though.. seems like everyone else is doing ok.. a few hitches but thats expected!! i myself have been getting pretty bad BH aswell a long with some other odd pains.. but i have an appointment 2moro to sort all that out. wow i still cant believe that we have moved over to the 3rd trimester.. well talk more later girls! taa taa!! =)


jendean00 - March 1

Hey has been a while since we have seen you.


AshleyandAverysmom - March 1

Wow..lots of us...I know I have a few weeks to go..but Im always reading ahead in my books too! I will definatly look you guys up on your website. Although Im due June 8th, its goingto be a c-section so It will probally happen a little sooner. This is my third, but since he's a boy they say they dont want to schedule the C-section too early b/c boys lungs devlop slower than girls!!! Wanna lert him cook as long as he can!


AshleyandAverysmom - March 1

jendean00..we have agreat dane..Katie..she's a spaz to start with but I have noticed that she acts like Im an alien when Im around her (lol) The thing is before I was pregnant I didnt notice her doggie perfume..not that I am, I seriously think she needs a bath every day! I heard from a dog trainer that dogs and cats can pick up on your emotions and they react to them. I know my spazy dog reacts to mine!!!


pebblesnbambam - March 1

Oops.. didn't know we had two threads... Which one are we sticking with. Thanks for the well wishes on my mom's wedding!! It is soo exciting. Memphis.. I am going to b___stfeed. Tried with my son but was soo sick after csection I was not producing any milk... so hopefully this time things will go better. I am trying for a VBAC... nervous about that but really don't want another csection.


aliciavr6 - March 1

Sorry! I didnt see this one when I made the other. ha.


Memphisbaby - March 1

so, which thread do you guys wanna go with?


pebblesnbambam - March 1

This one is fine with me


Wanda - March 1

Which thread are we using?


pebblesnbambam - March 1



SB - March 1

I am due on June 26th. Good luck !!:)



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