Any Late Flippers

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Erica - April 25

This question is in regards to one's baby being in the upright position; specifically, approximately when did everyone's baby "flip" to the head down position? Is there anyone who had "late flippers?" I am 37 weeks along, and even though the doctor says there's plenty of time for the baby to get into position (she has not dropped yet, btw) I'm wondering when my baby will decide to perform her "headstand!" Thanks so much for your input!


Jill - April 25

My cousin was the same as you at 37 weeks she had her baby on the 15th head first so good luck


EM - April 26

I've been a bit paranoid about this since I was born b___t first. I've talked to lots of moms and have heard stories about babies being breech right up until they go into the delivery room! I guess some babies just aren't comfortable in that position for too long, who knows...its such a mystery. I first thought my baby was head down around 33 weeks because I could feel hiccups down very low but then I think he flipped heads up again because I had lots of pressure under my rib and could feel a large round lump! Now I feel hiccups down low again and I'm 36 weeks. Wish he'd make up his mind so his mommy didn't have to be paranoid.


Heidi - April 26

I am 36 weeks right now. He is head down. Actually he has been like that for a few weeks now. At my last visit the doctor said there is only a 2 percent chance of him flipping now. We will see if he is right.


Jenny - April 26

37.5 weeks here. Scheduled c-section on the 6th of May because she hasn't flipped yet. Some Dr's will suggest an external version. We are pa__sing on that and going straight for the section because i'm conviinced she's comfy where she's at.


Erica - April 30

Jenny, I pa__sed on the ECV as well; we too, felt she was comfy right where she was situated. I've been doing the slant board thing four times a day for fiteen minutes apiece (with the end of the ironing board propped on the couch and yourself lying head down) My doctor also recommended an Americanized version of the moxibustion technique: Have hubby ma__sage my little toes while I'm on the slant board. Hey, it's worth a try and beats having the ECV, in my humble opinion. But if she doesn't turn in time, I'll probably go with a C-section; I don't fear having major surgery per se; I just want baby to be born with as little trauma to her as possible. My husband was a forceps baby, and he still has the dents on his head to prove it! (I think they damaged the area of his brain that says "Put the toilet seat down after you're done!" - heh heh)



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