Any May Moms Out There

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cteel - January 30

I just started my 3rd trimester just wanted to talk to those in here with me. Due Date, s_x,weight gain, etc?


Rebecca - January 30

Hi, cteel~ I'm due May 1st and we're having a boy. So far, I've gained about 6 pounds but I started off a little overweight, so that's why not more. I'm starting to feel tired again, like I was in the first trimester, but it's worth it! How about you? How are you doing?


Kiddolebel - January 30

Im a May mommy too, my due date is May 29th BUT I will deliver two or three weeks early so I dont risk having another shoulder dystocia baby. I have gained about 3 lbs so far but I lost a lot of weight in the beginning due to morning sickness. The weight is just starting to pack on though, lol. Im still pretty tired, then again chasing a two year old doesnt help, lol. I have a two year old little boy and this baby is a girl =) Mu hubbys grandparents just bought the nursery furniture for this baby..kinda a tradition, they did it for our son too...but the crib and armoire are all setup in her nursery. Course her bedding set is in already but I will have to wash the sheet again right before she is born. Has anyone else started or finished their nurseries yet?


cteel - January 30

I am due May 3rd. I am having a girl and just finished the paint in her room. Now I am starting to get excited. You guys make me sick on the weight thing, I was doing well until my best friend got pregnant 8 weeks behind me and she is a bad influence on my eating!!! So needless to say I have gained 20lbs. I am starting to feel tired again too, I thought it was just me. This is our first so I best get used to it or so they say.


Mandi_Lin - January 30

Well I am due April 29th, but this is my first baby, so I am guessing she will not arrive until the first part of May. I am having a little girl Madison Joyce. I am still 6 pounds under my original pre-pregnancy weight...during the first 3 months I had really bad morning sickness so I lost 30 pounds.


cteel - January 30

Well good gosh you guys, do any of you look pregnant? I dont think you've gained enough weight to. I am sorry you had morning sickness, I was fortunate and didnt. So my Cali Mae and I are gaining as we speak!!


Judi - January 30

I'm due May 4 with my first, and we're having a girl. We are going to name her Lauren Elizabeth. I was fortunate enough not to have much morning sickness either, so I've gained about 15 pounds at 26 weeks. At my last prenatal visit, the doctor said that my weight gain is perfect. I definitely look pregnant...I feel like I'm getting bigger every day!! I'm feeling pretty good except that my back hurts a lot and I have trouble sleeping as a result. I've tried the Snoogle body pillow, but it doesn't seem to help. We have our nursery furniture set up, but have not found any bedding that we like at all. We've been to every baby store in town and I've spent hours looking online. It's very frustrating!


Kiddolebel - January 30

I look HUGE! lol I started off at 142, im 5'4 and then gained to 150...then I lost it all back to 150. Now Im 153. So they technically only counted the 3 lbs. Should be more, lol. I for sure look further than 23 weeks, but I was really big with my son...he was 9.6lbs 23 inches when he was born, lol. I'll have another biggen this time around. Im so glad morning sickness pa__sed. I never had it when I was pregnant with my son so when I had it in this pregnancy, it was like "oh god, now I know what its like". Guess theyre right when they say girls are harder on the mothers body, hehe.


Renee - January 31

I'm due May 2nd, we are having a boy. So far I've gained 16 pounds. I was very nauseated in the first trimester, but have been feeling good since. I have a hard time sleeping at night, I'm not comfortable at all! I feel like every day I'm getting bigger and bigger. We just finished the babies room a week ago. I have all the furniture in and walls painted. Now I'm just waiting for my shower, which we will have when I'm 32 weeks along.


Kiddolebel - January 31

Congrats on finishing your nursery!! What type of nursery themes has everyone chosen?


Tess - January 31

Im 24-25 wks pg due May 19th. I haven't weigh myself but last time I did Ive gaine 6-7 lbs. PPW was 183 lbs. Im carrying a baby girl :o)


Katie - February 1

Hi everyone I'm due may 5th and having a boy. I've gained about 20 pounds:( Scary that there's not to much left in the pregnancy. Anyone else have trouble sleeping? I did in the first part of my pregnancy and now it's starting up again:( Well hope everone is well.


meg77 - February 1

Hi ladies! I am due May 22, 2006 with baby #2. My daughter was born in April of last year so I very well remember what pregnancy and labor is like. We are having another girl although the tech was not 100% sure. So far I have already gaines about 20 pounds but I am not worried because with my last pregnancy I didn't gain much during the last trimester and it all came off rather quickly. I am not buying much for this baby because if it really is a girl, I have everything!


cteel - February 1

We did our nursery in the Blossoms theme from Babies R Us. I didnt want something too frilly. It is pink and green, with toadstools, b___terflies, snails, etc. Lots of different prints in gingham,plaids, and a few others.. I love it.


Kiddolebel - February 1

We looked at that set Cteel, its adorable. We are doing the La Pet_te Bebe one from babies r us. Hubby wants it for his "little princess", lol. I wasnt too sure about it but I couldnt say no. Now that we have it here in the crib, I love it! Funny how he got to choose this one AND our sons, lol. I dont mind though, I feel lucky I have a hubby who wants to be so involved. What color crib did you do? We did white.


cteel - February 1

We are building our own crib, it is round and we plan on it in an antique white wash type color. We have two old dressers that we are going to paint to match.


Kiddolebel - February 1

That sounds really pretty!! I hope the crib comes out just like you want it. Round cribs re so neat looking and hard to come by. That was a good idea!



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