Any Moms Going Natural

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Maria - October 5

Hi! Are there any moms that want to deliver without an epidural and/or pain relievers? What made you decide this?


CINDY - October 5

I had both of my previous children natural and plan on having this one (due in 6 weeks ) the same Call me crazy


Maria - October 5

Cindy - congradulations! This is my first baby and I really want to deliver naturally, but everybody says I don't know what I'm talking about. I know it's possible because ladies like you have proven that, so I know I can do it. If you don't mind my asking, how did the deliveries go?


SRG - October 5

Cindy you are very brave, I am due in a few weeks, and am so scared. I have ZERO pain tolerance. I am scared of! I know all the pain will be worth it, but I cannot do it way! Good Luck to you all!


Heidi - October 5

I'm trying a water birth, which is supposed to be all natural. We'll see. I think if I ask for drugs I have to have a "land" birth. Hee hee! We'll see. I have that UTI going on right now and talk about pain! I swear to god I was having contractions yesterday and here it was the infection, talk about pain! So if it's even comparable to that, I'm screwed. Cus it hurt. But she said the pain would be different, around my entire belly, not just low in the pelvic area.


Angie - October 5

I am due with my first in 8 weeks. I really want to do it without the epidural. I am going into this with the mind set that I don't want it, but if the pain is completely unbearable, I will have one. My sister had one and said get it right away. My cousin had nothing and said it wasn't that big of a deal, you know your not going to die. My cousin had a quicker recovery time than my sister, so that is also pushing me not to have one.


Bree - October 5

Maria, it is such a personal choice. I, like Cindy, had both of my other kids naturally. Granted it's been over 14 yrs --even I'm feeling a little nervous about the pain of it, but I know I can do it. I'm a believer in mind over matter. You have to talk yourself through the pain and contractions. I just kept thinking of what I was giving to my babies by not taking drugs that I was afraid would go to them. So many people praise epidurals and that's okay, but I want to do it the natural way. It's just a personal preference for me. But I don't down anyone for whatever they choose. It's their bodys and their choice. I wish you the best in your decision. Labor is scary -even if it's not your first time LOL.


Lynn - October 5

This is my first & I hope to go it natural. I have taken Bradley cla__ses to help prepare. But, I also have high blood pressure & Gestational Diabetes which both set me up for more complications and possibly the dreaded pitocin induction. Even with Pitocin I will still try to go it without drugs. Its a personal choice for me to. I have done a ton of research about the effects of epidurals & narcotics & there is no doubt in mymind that a natural birth is what is best for baby & for me. I also have bad reactions to anethesia and narcotic pain relief-reactions that baby could possibly inhierit from me too.


Maria - October 5

Thanks for your input ladies. I needed the encouragement! I was reading some natural birth stories on the net which were encouraging as well. We can do it!!


Bree - October 6

Hey, check this out:


Bree - October 6

....the above is a good page about going natural. Thought some of you may enjoy it. -Bree


noams - October 6

HI, I had my first child with out any drugs apart from a bit of gas in the end. At the time I a__sumed that the drugs were for women who realy needed them and that I could not just ask for them. I am so glad that I did not need them. My labor and birth went well and very fast, I felt in full control most of the time. I paln to go natural this time as well, if all goes well.


JB - October 7

Hey Everyone!! I'm going natural. I tried with my other 2 to have an epidural, but you know what, they never took effect on me. Apparently, some women don't take to epidurals. With my first, they tried, it didn't work, and then with my 2nd, they drilled my back twice (and these were all done by experienced docs, not med students) but it still didn't take effect. The anethesiologist told me that sometimes they don't always work. I believe that now. Hey, but I'm one of those "freak" statistics. Everyone else I know loved having the epidurals, and they worked like a charm.


Tonia - October 7

hey ladies hope everyone is doing fine. Well with my first 2 I went natural but with this I will be getting the epidural b/c I want to get my tubes tied this is it for me can't go through it anymore felt like was being tortured throughout the third trimester.


Jennifer - October 8

When I went into labor, my intention was to not get any medication but after 8 hours I couldnt take it anymore....over the next 9 hours they had to give me a few different meds AFTER my epidural cause the pain was so unbearable....just remember that every woman's labor is different just like every woman's pregnancy...some may hurt more than others and some will be in labor longer than others....I wanted to try to go through labor like God intended it to be and I really didnt want my baby exposed to those drugs...but sometimes you just gotta give in...dont worry you'll make the right decision....but dont wait too late to get the epidural....It takes about 15-20 minutes all together for them to give it to you and if you wait til you're in the middle of labor you will have to deal with contractions on top of the doc sitting you up and poke a plastic tube in your back....not a good combination...good luck to you all....if I can make it through me anyone can!! :-)


sian - October 8

i had an epidural with my 1st daughter which after that i would of recommended it to everyone coz it made my birth completely painless so was certain i was gonna have one with my second daughter.but her birth was so fast i didnt have time for one and to be completely honest i totally prefered it without the epidural, i felt so much better now with my 3rd baby im hoping to do it again without any pain relief, just hope i can do it!well got 2 weeks to go so guess i'll see then!


Lesley - October 8

I'm going natural :-). My last baby I had nothing at all with, mainly because there was no time, but I'm so glad I did. I was able to enjoy my baby straight away, and she wasn't all sleepy cos of drugs - like my 1st was. The epidural doesn't appeal to me. There is nothing about it that makes me want it. Big needle in my spine? No thank you! If I do use anything it will only be gas and air.



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