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MJ - September 27

HI I am due on the 10th of november. I have just been to my 34 week checkup with my midwife, my baby has its head down and measures 33weeks the heart beat was 125 it seems low but has been on the low side since day one, my midwife did not seem worried at all. I have not had any BH contractions that I know of. My baby moves all the time and it hurts because my skin is getting so tight. I get a sore back when I sit for too long and after a large meal. But apart from that all has been well. I am drinking 3 cups of rasberry leaf tea a day( from 27 weeks) I took it during my last pregnancy as well. At 37 weeks I plan to start taking 3 evening primrose tabs a day ( if my baby is up the right way). Has any one tried evening primrose before?


Ana - September 27

Hello MJ I am due Nov 23 I am 33 weeks. I don't know what primrose is, why do you need to take it?


kim j - September 27

I am due somewhere between the 7th and 11th of Nov, My due date has changed so many times so it will come when he comes..... I cant wait!! This is our second and this pregnancy has been rough. So what can be done to speed up the chance of him coming sooner?I am so ready.....


Cara - September 27

I am also due the 10th of November. I am getting really uncomforatble these days. This is my first baby & I am so excited! What do primrose tabs do?


kim j - September 27

Any Nov mommies want to chat??


kimj - September 27



Brooke "Mama" Crow - September 27

I'm here now, kimj ... and just welcomed you to the Topaz Gang ... sorry we missed each other. :(


Carolyn - September 28

I'm due 11 Nov with my first. Right now, he's in the breech position, though, so I may be having him around Halloween if he doesn't turn himself into the head down position. I haven't tried the rasberry leaf tea or primrose tablets, but have been walking each day two to three miles instead.


Kimmy - September 28

Hi all, I am due near the end of November between the 25th-30th. My little guy hasnt flipped into position yet either so I'm hoping he gets his act together soon. This is my first so I am a little anxious about delivery ... ok ALOT! I think I am the most nervous about the hospital, I have never stayed in the hospital before so I am not really looking forward to it, especially with a newborn. Anyway nice meeting you all :)


C3 - September 28

Due 17 Nov.


KV - September 28

I am due Nov 21 and this is my second pregnancy. My pregnancy is going well and the baby keeps moving positions. Its a tough time for me because i am moving from this apartment and i have to be very carefull. I wish to all you moms Good Luck


Tracy - September 28

My doctor inducing me at 38 weeks so that puts me in the Nov. Gang; probably the week of Thanksgiving. Like everyone else I am very excited, and a little nervous. I have a 4 year old son, and this little angel is a girl so I am not sure if there is a huge difference between girls and boys. I know it is silly, but I can't help it. I worry all the time. I do have a question for everyone. Is anyone else forgetting things all the time??? I mean I am getting really bad. My poor son had to not wear underwear one day because I forgot to wash his clothes. I wash them separate because seems to get them so dirty. How awful is that!!!! I mean you do not want you 4 year free balling!!! Sorry TMI!!!


SRG - September 28

I am due on Nov 10th, so I will be 34 weeks tomorrow. I cannot wait any longer!!! LOL! Everyone says don't wish this time away, but I am ready already, if you know what I mean. My little guys heart rate was 145 when I went to the doctor yesterday. He is a kicker and I think maybe even a dancer. I go back in 2 weeks to the doctor and then after that she wants to see me weekly. Good Luck to all of you ladies!


Miranda - September 28

Hey all!! Looks like we are all in the same boat! I am due November 10-13 and my doctors appt is this tuesday..i cant wait to see if the baby is head down yet. What does rasberry leaf tea and primrose do?? I would love to have this baby at around 38 weeks so give us your secret!! ; )...keep in touch and good luck to everyone!! Hey..just much weight has everyone gained so far?? Im at 25 pounds..but we'll see this tuesday how much that has gone up! LOL


SRG - September 28

Hi Miranda, I have gained 16lbs, but thatis only because in my 1st trimester I lost weight. I also have been pretty lucky so far and have been carrying in the front only, almost like a basketball. I forgot to say in my note earlier my little guy is head down, and has been for a couple of weeks already.


Miranda - September 28

SRG-- you are lucky youve only gained 16 pounds! Did the doctor do an ultrasound, or just felt your belly to tell you if the baby is down? Im going in on tuesday for an ultrasound but its hard for me to belive the baby is head down because when i feel him moving i can feel him on both sides of my stomach. ( unless he's doing the splits!) lol.


whitney - September 28

Hey, I am due nov 11th with my first and I am 33 almost 34 weeks. if anyone knows of something that will help me deliver on time please let me know!!!!



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