Any One Else Just WANT IT OUT

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surewinwilliams - February 29

Ok, I know that i am supposed to be glowing and appreciating my pregnancy, BUT...Not only am I uncomfortable, and crabby, I am looking so forward to having my newborn out to see and touch I can hardly stand it. I have one daughter now, and I know all of the fun and joy that comes with it....its way better to be sleep deprived from a baby than from your own body. I only have 14 days left, and it seems like an ETERNITY! I can't be the only one.....anybody fell like commiserating?


goldfish - February 29

iam counting days too but too scared to say that loud . its funny ah, well thats becuase iam 32 weeks and i want him to bake well.but i totally understnd ur pain. I guess i will be less modest and cry out for help just like u when i get almost there like you.


treshala - February 29

hahaha i just changed my headline on CAFEMOM to "ok I JUST WANT HIM OUT" funny. yes im so very frustrated right now. my family keeps telling me that if i dont walk hes not going to come until 2 weeks late...(these are the same family members who swore he would come in feb.) Surewin i have 15 days left (14 tomorrow) I think its cause im bored...but i feel like im going crazy


treshala - February 29

not to mention i havent dropped...havent felt any pains...nothing at all.


NewMommyinMay - February 29

I totally feel that way....and I only just hit the 30 week mark (so you're waaaay ahead of me)! I'm not really uncomfortable aches and pains-wise at this point, I'm just so anxious and excited to meet my little girl!! I'm due first week in May........and it's only just about March, ah!!


cayingo - February 29

I started dilating at 35 weeks. I am 3cm & 100% effaced at 38 weeks 3 days. My dd was born at 36 weeks so this time around my peri prescribed progesterone shots weekly to prevent another preterm birth. Man, they have worked like a charm. I don't think my ds has any intentions of blessing us with his presence whcihmy OB has been prediciting for almost 3 weeks, "ANY DAY now, Melissa" she keeps telling me. The light at the end at least is that we have a date set for induction. Since I am making progress but not starting labor and we live about 45 minutes from the hospital, my OB is worried my labor will be fast. So Reece wi ll be evicted this Tuesday, March 4th unless he comes on his own first. I really can't complain; I've had aproblem free and fun pregnancy, BUT no matter how you look at it, the novelty of being pregnant has worn off. We all just want to meet him, and start the next adventure together. Come on Reece, cooperate with Mommy!!!!


treshala - February 29

i havent dialted, dropped, nor has my cervix softened...and i think i will just slap my doctor SILLY next time if he doesnt discuss SOMETHING with tired of hearing nothing every friggin time i go. Im just about ready to explode...i think i need to take a cool bath and go buy some ice cream or something. YES the novelty of being preggy has worn off and im just flippin tired of it. Maybe its cause EVERYONE who was pregnant in march w/ me has ALREADY had their babies...its just so frustrating


jenice - February 29

Yup. You have it haven't hit your due date yet! lol. Now THAT's the worst feeling in the world...waking up the morning after your EDD still pregnant! I was due on Monday...and today I had such a burst of energy, so of course I overdid it and now I'm totally exhausted. I'm so disappointed, because I just want to meet this little person already! Come out come out come's my new mantra! lol.


surewinwilliams - March 1

Well, I guess I am NOT alone! Treshala, I am so with you on the Dr. thing. I look so forward to those appointments, to get a little insight into my pregnancy, and it always the same thing, and it lasts 45 seconds. What a let down! Last week, I got checked for the first time, and it wasn't even my a stranger put his fist in me, and said...well I can't reach your cervix...sorry. Dang. We'll see what happens next week...maybe my OB will get slapped silly!


mahagen - March 1

HA! HA! everyone is cracking me up about slapping their doctor, etc. I totally know exactly how you all feel. Treshala and I are due the same day so that makes me 38 weeks but dang this is my 4th baby and has been my hardest one yet. My body is done with having babies after this. The pain is so much more intense then it was even with my last baby that I delivered. I am tired, cranky, I have acid reflex everynight now for the past 3 nights and it starts about 11pm and last for 2-3 houses. Its so bad I can't even sit up and be comfortable. I also have all the nice floating hips/pelvis right now so I am always uncomfortable no matter what. I am soooooo ready to have my lil one. I did go to the doctors office yesterday and doc said my cervix is thick still but soft and I am 1 cm dilated. I am excited about that and want to go walk my d__n b___t off today so hopefully I will progress. Treshala I remember you and I discussing not looking at the toilet paper anymore because we are tired of not seeing any results, LOL. I realize that my mucus plug has never fallen out at home and probably never will so I give up too but I bet out of habit I will stil look, lol. Anyways just think how close we all are even if you are just 32 weeks or so. I am just glad to know everything is ok and I am in the clear to have baby anytime if I do go into labor, YEAH! Hang in there girlies, were almost their!


treshala - March 1

Surewin- Yes my doctor is the same way. i blame this b/c i have medicaid...He doesnt really do c___p and im sick of it. at my 36 wk appt. the did an internal and just like you...they told me Uterus was still very high and completely closed but havent checked since then...its like...why get my hopes up for that stupid appt. I try to think of several questions to ask him. They wont even discuss inducing until im 41 wks. Mahagen- I know its hard to NOT look at the toilet least you have some progress though...that would motivate me to walk. You know what sucks too...3 of my friends who had kids WATER BROKE with the first like..."WHY WONT ME WATER BREAK ALREADY?" I dunno...its just so frustrating...


mahagen - March 1

I plan to do alot of walking this afternoon and hoping that I will progress a little further to get things kicked in gear. I just asked the March lucky charms thread about wearing a maternity belt while I walk and if it will prevent the process of labor. The reason why I was concerned it might is because it hold your belly up kind of high and I know baby needs to be pressing on the cervix. Its just so painful to go with out the belt. I don't last very long walking if I don't wear it.


kaylayoder - March 3

OMG yes!!! I was at 2 cm for three weeks and now I'm at 3 1/2 and if she doesnt come soon... well lets just say I'm not gonna be very happy lol!!!!


Chris1975 - March 3

OMG i hear you...i am due on saturday (8th march) and my babys been engaged for almost 4 weeks now and its soo painful to walk/sit/everything!!!! im so over it all! Everyday i hope it happens, and everyday its a letdown!


treshala - March 3

Chris...that is exactly what i said to my friend the other day...i was like everyday ALL day im thinking is this going to be the day...and sure enough i always go to sleep dissapointed...



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