Any One Gone Straight Into Contractions

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ash2 - May 19

hey i was wondering if anyone out there has gone straight into contractions? my water broke with my first one and i eventually went into contractions, but i was wondering if anyone had any advice as to what to look for ??what does it feel like as opposed to braxton hicks, and does it normally start at 30 mins apart, or earlier ?


^lucy^ - May 19

hi ash2.. yes!!! read my labor story i posted today and u'll know how surprising it can be hehe


cush74 - May 19

Hi ash2, my contractions started at 10 minutes apart and lasted for hours like that. They started about 8.45am and didn't get any closer together until about 5pm that day and even then they were still only coming about every 7 minutes. They were just like really strong braxton hicks with a period pain feeling. By about 9pm I couldn't get comfortable, couldn't sit still and new that it was definately going to be happening. Within a couple more hours my contractions were coming approx every 4 mins and by that stage I had to hop in a warm bath to try and ease the pain. I think it was about 1am that we went to the hospital because I new I couldn't continue without any pain relief. My waters still hadn't broken either. When they did, the pain wasn't any different. Good luck to you!!!


yungmama - May 19

I have been wondering the same. I have been having extremely bad pains (100x worse than menstrual cramps) and a lot of pressure. I cannot seem to time them yet. They are to random. I am worried that I am going to be used to these pains and when labor begins I will think that it is nothing. I know that I will get to a point where I realize it is labor but I would like to know as soon as possible


ash2 - May 19

hey cush, when you got to the hospital, how soon did you deliver after that ?


falafal0 - May 21

My contraction started closer each time I went into labour. The only time I realy experienced contractions at intervals was with my first, ( started at 10 minutes, had three of them, then got quicker over a few hours, then no break inbetween - born five and a half hours after starting) and only three ten minute ones with my second baby, straight to five minutes for about an hour, then non stop until born (two hours ten minute labour) and with my third, I had two contactions just minutes aprt, immediately starting, then non stop until she was born 45 minutes with this baby I'm a bit nervous about where and when it will all start. So yes, contraction can start immediately for some women. My water broke at the hospital with my first after much pushing, it was difficult. Made of metal my widwife said. Had to have them ruptured with my second, and when they broke in the car on the way to the hopsital, I panicked because the other babies were born almost straight after. Then, I felt her head drop down and if I had of been leaning back, she would have come out, it was that quick...rather frightening experience actually because I had no control over my body, just started pushing with no ability to stop, so I am planning a home birth for my midwife tocome to me this time... And as for what they feel like...SO difficult to explain. For me, they are extremely painful, the worst pain I'm ever in (trying to be honest...) I always have braxton hicks with mh pregnancies, started much earlier with this one, aroun 14 weeks. When the contractions start for me, they go from the smal of my back, get stronger and go right around my belly until it is hard as rock, and DAMN painful. For me there is no mistaking the real thing. As for a bloody show or losing mucs plug, I only had ashow at the hopsital with my first, about to hours afterwards, no plug that I can remember. Nothing with my second, and nothing with my third. Just plain contractions and baby. I guess it all came out with eiter the waters or in the delivery...hope this helps somewhat. :-)


San_dee - May 22

with my first i went strait into labour, i had contractions fluctuating between 3mins - 10mins appart, i was like that for the first 13hrs, after the first 5 hrs i had a show (lost mucas plug) then finally at 13hrs went to hospital, contractions still irregular, they broke the waters for me , after 22 hrs delivered my son. to Ash2 - it feels like period pains x1000,


erenimi - May 22

My contractions started at about 7 minutes apart, at 4 in the morning, full force. I KNEW it was time


mishy - May 22

I was in hospital for diabetes and hooked up to a machine that said I was having contractions 5 mins apart that I could not feel whatsoever - this was at 1am.. Midwife checked and I wasn't at all dialated. I went to sleep and woke at 3am with period pain, waters broke (3 drips) 15 mins later and then it was hell on earth, buzzed midwife, begged her to "help me help me".. she checked and I was fully dialated and told me to push (I did not have the uncontrollable urge to push).. pushed til 5.30am when I could push no more and they attached ventousse to get him out.. so no warning really and no contractions.. worried that with this 2nd one I will be in labour before I realise it..



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