Any One Had Light Period Like Bleeding In First Trimester

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sharon - January 25

i think im 9 weeks pregnant but have had very light on and off bleeding that is brown and red and keeps stopping and starting for 4 seems to have stopped now. my br___ts are really sore and red and i dont know if this was a period or not.


chris - January 27

I had some slight spotting also, I am now 27 weeks and all is fine, they say it is normal to have slight spotting at the begining. I went in to have blood work done and then back 2 days later to have more blood work, they tested the # of hormone that comes from baby and it doubled, if the # of hormones is not rising then there is concern, if you are worried call your dr and tell ask about the blood test, it is better safe than sorry.


Julie - January 28

I had same with my first preg. All was fine and I was told most likely it was the baby "latching on" to the uterus. They also said to feel special, because not all women get to experience that! Congrats!


sharon - January 29

i took a test while bleeding during the day and it was negative. might see doctor to see whats going on.thanks for your replies!


Cynthia - January 29

I have had light bleeding in both of my pregnancies, which were successful. This can be common between week 6 and week 10 of pregnancy. Speak with your OB/GYN and ask about the possibility of using progesterone suppositories and bed rest. Sometimes the body does not produce enough progesterone until the point when the placenta takes over that function, and the suppositories did appear to help in my case. Good luck.


maryann - February 6

i am to donig the exact same thing -- what did you find out?


stacy - February 14

i may have been 2.5 monthes experiancing the same symptoms. my doctor said im misscarrying. i have a ultrasound tomorrow ,hopefully not!


nicky - February 21

i am 6 weeks pregnant and have very sore b___bs too but have been bleeding on and off for last 5 days, lastnight i went to hospital and i am having a scan today but when i was pregnant with my daughter i had pain and bleeding all the way through and she is fine at 14 months old but i would still get yourself checked out but apparantley it is quite commen, see a midwife or go to your dr or staight to a&e at hospital


beccaliz - September 21

same here sharon. I'm only 3 weeks pregnant (i can tell from charting). I'm spotting but it's not even enough for a pad or tampon. I'm a little worried about having a very early miscarriage but not too worried, if I had a choice I'd rather loose the pregnancy now than later, like I did with my first.


??? - September 21

Maybe it's best if you ask this question also in the FIRST TRIMESTER q & a.



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