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Eileen - November 8

I have 2 due dates 1.Jan.28th 2. Feb2 I guess they are so close it doesen't matter he will come when he's ready.....How is every one feeling????when is it the right time to start filling out paper work for disability???


SaraL - November 8

Here's a story for you... start looking into your disability insurance/rights now...before your pregnancy brain gets any fuzzier. As soon as I started to show and 'came out' at work, I talked to our HR person. When I had my daughter at the same non-profit 4 yrs ago we had disability insurance that paid 70% salary. Our HR person told me that we no longer carry that insurance - they dropped it. I had re-read my Personnel Manual before I met with him - so I knew my rights according to the policies. I pointed out to the HR guy that the policies lay out the coverage I'm ent_tled to... he looked at me a little dumbfounded when I quoted the policy manual, then opened the book and handed it to him. He said he didn't know how to handle this because we don't carry the insurance anymore. Pregnancy hormones raging... I said you'd better f***ing figure it out by January. Needless to say I immediately set up a meeting with the Executive Director and settled it that afternoon. I don't know how they're finding the money, but they will be holding up the policies as set forth.


Eileen - November 9

My situation is a little complicated--let me explain. I work for a car dealership which has 5 other stores.I started in January05 Full time Now the manager that works here is in the procwss of buying this store so we will split from all other 5 stores we have about 50 people here so he is going to try to keep the same health insurance.He says this could take place any where from December or beginning of January which im 29 weeks now due Jan 28th. I plan on staying till the end so i can spend time with baby I just don't know what's going to happen when he takes over with my maternity leave-disability very fustrated.......


dwc - November 9

I work for a state agency and we do not have short term disability :( Good luck to you though hopefully you will find out good news.


Eileen - November 9

Question for dwc----so what happens in your case when it's time to have your baby??? no income at all????


SaraL - November 9

ok... this won't help any of you now... but for future babies... Last year, before I got pregnant, I signed up with Aflac (you know, the annoying "duck" insurance) for additional short term disability insurance, knowing that I would be preganant this year. I can renew it this year, but I couldn't start a new policy because my pregancy would be considered a pre-existing condition. I figured it out math-wise and even paying two years of premiums, then cancelling the policy, I will come out ahead.


jessika - November 10

I am due for c-section on Dec. 28, and will get no disability for the maternity leave. I get a X-mas bonus...good for me!! :( Try everything you can to get some sort of money coming in.


SaraL - November 10

I think one of the nicest things about having winter month babies (if you live in the north) is that you can 'hunker' down with your new baby. I remember with my daughter, I saved so much money NOT working - GAS, fast food, lunches with the girls at work, kids of workmates selling c___p for fundraising, clothing, etc. I found I ate out less and cooked a lot more - using things that were just fine, but have just sat in my pantry awhile.


Shea - November 11

We also get no paid maternity, so yes, no income. As soon as we found out we were preg. we started saving for the weeks I will be out (4) esp. since I am the main income provider. We should be ok, I just worry about having enough for xmas too, plus any unforseen expenses.



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