Any One Over Due

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hi - February 1

Any one over due? I am 40+4 and my doc is nothing saying anything encouraging, he keeps saying it is better when the baby come on its own. What has yours said and how are you coping. Do you have any signs it will be coming soon. I do not have any yesterday i was only 1cm dilated nothing else. Any one else?


mel - February 1

I went overdue with my first. the only real advice I can give, is to try to keep in mind that your due date is just an estimation and that there is a 2 week margin of error in calculating it. I know it's hard when you've counted down to that day you have marked on your calender and it comes and goes. now-a-days though, I don't think many docs let you go more than 2 weeks past your due date. so hang in there!!!!!


Kim - February 1

My first two babies were both about two weeks overdue, they were both quite big, but no complications with the deliveries. My sister in law just had her fourth daughter this morning! She was about a week over, as were all three of the others. I've heard some doctors will barely let you go over at all, while some just let it take it's course. I think mel is right though, two weeks is probably about all you'll have to wait. My sister in law's doctor calls her the "cervix of steel", as she just doesn't seem to dilate without induction!


Heather L - February 1

My dr let me go 2wks overdue wth my first and he ended up being over 9lbs. *UGH* So with my second I went in ON my due date (friday) and said "INDUCE ME". He laughed, but I got my way. He induced me on the Monday morning. My second son was born that evening and was already 8lbs, 12oz. I plan on doing the same thing with this baby. I am due May 3rd. Good luck!!!


Mandi - February 1

2 days overdue at this point. I went in yesterday (at 1 day overdue), and still at 1cm and no effacement. My docs do induce routinely at 1 week overdue --- so I have been scheduled for induction next Tuesday. I go in for a gel treatment the night before, then home for a good night's sleep, then back in at the b___tcrack of dawn for an induction. That's my story.


Mandi - February 1

KIM --- I need a t-shirt that says "CERVIX OF STEEL". How funny would that be???


kr - February 1

Hi, I feel for you. I'm 10 days over my docs estimate and 16 over mine ( we all harbor that hope that we'll be more right than our doctors don't we?). I'm going in today for my NST. I get one of those and an u/s every 4 days. If your doc's like mine you wont be allowed to go over 2 weeks. You're not alone...good luck.


BellaCatty - February 1

Iam on my 4th prehnacny and iam over due for the 4th time, my body doesnt go inot labour, my first was 15 my second was 11 and my third was 13. Your all not alone. Its the worst feeling in the world, so much pressure, your so uncomfortable, sleeping is nil and void,.its horriable, all i can say from expierence is hang in there and get a lil pushy with your doc. if you must.



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