Any Other Big Women Pre Pregnancy

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crystal74 - January 31

i'm just wondering if i'm the only one here. pre-pregnancy 5'2, 181. i am 36 weeks now and have gained 30 pounds. i look like i'm as big as a house. i think because i started out bigger.


HEATHER - January 31

I was much larger last time, I started 166 and ended 209, well that was a week before my birth.. this time im doing better but these last few weeks imgaining so much, I went friday and I have already gained 2lbs and its just wednesdaY!!!!!!!!!!


Jadejewels - January 31

Please for the first time i my life I'm over 200 lbs and I'm not very happy about it. I have decidedthat I"m not going to worry about it too much until after I have the baby which should be in the begining of April. then I'm going to try really hard to get back on track with my body. For now I'm enjoying guilt free eating!! :0)


crystal74 - January 31

i know what you mean. as i have gone over 200 and i hate standing on that scale. it scares me everytime it goes up more and more pounds. i plan on busting my b___t at the gym after baby comes. all my life i was actually skinny, well average 120 which is pretty good for my height 5'2, but since i fell in love when i was 18, i geuss i just let it go and didn't care anymore. that's when i gained an average of 10 pounds a year. till i got pregnant. i know now is not the time to worry about losing weight, but i've got my goals set and i'm sticking with em baby. who's with me???


babyonboard16 - February 1

I'm a big person and I'm large person still, I'm showing a whole lot, and I've gained a little more than I should have but then again I was on bed rest for 6 months...


JenniferRose - February 2

Crystal we're do the same day, feb 28th, and i started out big. Im 5'3, and pre-pregnancy i was 218lbs, ugh i know. Thank god im getting induced on V-Day, im ready 2 get this weight off of me!


crystal74 - February 4

hi jenniferrose, finally someone like me. i was starting to think i was the only fatty on this board. so we're due on the same date then why are they inducing you?


JenniferRose - February 4

I developed GD a few weeks back, they just dont want to take a chance of the baby being too big, and neither do i. I cant wait to get this over with, but then again a hole new bunch of worries come on for after the baby is born, being a first time mom and all. Is this your first, and are u having a boy or girl? We're having a lil boy, Logan John.


crystal74 - February 5

aww, well i hope everything goes ok. i got another glucous test on thursday and so far no word back so i geuss i'm just having a big healthy baby. this is our first, it's a boy, and dad is naming him lincoln michael. i chose michael. i am super excited to see my baby but also very scared of the delivery since he's bigger than he should be.


crystal74 - February 5

i should have worked out throughout my pregnancy, but i didn't. so i'm sure that's why i'm having pains. i did do a little water aerobics here and there



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