Any Signs Of Going Into Labour

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jessie - March 6

HI! This is a question for all the already moms out there. I am 38w4d prego with my first baby and was wondering what your experience was with signs that you were going into labour - Like, in the days preceeding labour, did you have any signs or indications that things were starting? Did you know then or realize in hindsight? I have read all the info available on the Internet and have pestered my doctor lol, I just would like to hear your experiences as moms of the first hints and signs that you were going into labor. Was it sudden, or was it hours before you left for the hosipital, or days? I haven't had ANY, haven't nocticed anything like a mucus plug, contractions, NOTHING!!! . I think this baby is really comfortable in there and wants to stay put. Me, I am ready to give him his eviction notice!! I want to see him already! Thanks & good luck with your pregnancies and new bubs~ xx


missycc4 - March 6

I was induced with my first and the only thing with him was BH. My 2nd son I really don't remember a lot with him and with my daugther my water broke then contraction started. If you can time them then it might me labor but then again I was having contraction every 4 to 6 min. and then stopped for a 3 hours they never got any stronger. I let it go and I'm still here. 41 weeks and 3 days.


amyjo - March 6

I'm due tomorrow and nothing is going on here except for the BH contractions. This may seem wierd, but it almost feels like something wants to happen, but never does. When I went into labor for my first one (19yrs ago!!) I know it hurt like hell from the get go.......and when I went into labor for my 2nd one (15yrs ago) I didn't even think I was in labor because I barely felt contractions, they didn't hurt at all. I was at the hospital for a total of 25 minutes before he was born................ Not sure about this go around, with all the BH it's going to be hard to figure out if it's the real thing or not. You still have some time though, I keep looking for something, anything that means it's time.....but nothing. I guess a watched pot really doesn't Best of luck to you!


DDT - March 6

My ds is 17 days old now...I started having cramps (menstral-like) and felt pressure to poo...those were my first clues that I was going into labour. This started around 4am and I finally had him at 11pm that night (19 hours of labour). He was 7lbs4ounces. The cramps started to have a pattern to them...when I timed them at 6:30am they were 2-3mins apart. My contractions stayed that close together until I got the epidural..then they were 5mins apart. GL.


DDT - March 6

oh..he came 1 day before his due date...I also had a little bloody show accompany the cramping...then my water broke in the car on the way to the hospital



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