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Meghan - February 27

well I went to the midwife today and at 37 weeks along I am 1 cm dialted and 70% effaced! and she could feel My Daughter's head "quite nicely". I am hoping things are progressing fast for me, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to maybe put me into labour? Because I am so ready to have this baby! thank you!


Meghan - February 27

oh! and I forgot to mention I am measuring 39 cm and I havent gained any wieght in the last week, so I am thinking she is pretty much finished "baking" in there:)


missycc4 - February 27

I here walking a lot works and s_x. I'm 40 weeks and tried everything but s_x but thats only because he won't do anything with me I think hes scared and won't tell me the truth. Good Luck


MJM - February 28

Walk Walk Walk,. If you can stand s_x at this point go ahead. It is not the act of s_x that helps it is the orgasm. But yes walk as much as you can! Good luck


lqtoo - February 28

Also s_x helps becuase your partner's sperm help soften the cervix. Nipple stimulation is also supposed to help.


candaceann1 - February 28

Walking is the best. An orgasm helps strengthen your uterus. It's not the orgasm that softens your cervix and helps you dialate, it is the s____n. Not to sound gross, but it actually helps more to swallow it that it does to actually have s_x.


Meghan - February 28

Thank you ladies! My midwife said my cervix is nice and soft already so maybe s_x wouldnt help that much? I am going to go for a nice long walk today and hope for the best!


AshleyandAverysmom - February 28

Rasberry Green leaf tea, and a pedicure! worked two times for me!


Meghan - March 1

well walking only brought on about two contractions lol. Raspberry Tea is gross, I cant seem to gag it down as much as I wanted to. but thank you for the suggestion.


MJM - March 1

I did not say that the orgasm softs the cervix.


Meghan - March 2

MJM, I know you didn't say that..but doesnt the Prostaglandins in s____n help sofen and dialate the cervix? Thats what I meant by maybe s_x wouldn't help much.



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