Any Survivor Fans

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andrea - January 19

I know I always get sick of people talking to me about being pregnant, but then I turn around and stay on these forums talking about being pregnant all the time. Anyone ready for Survivor:Exile Island? I saw the previews for the first time last night and it looks good. I'm not a complete loser, but I AM a hard-core reality junkie. Survivor is my #1(next to big brother, of course). The people that I end up liking never win-except for last season- GO DANI-anyway didn't know if any of you would like to talk about something else?


Ginny - January 19

You crack me up, andrea! I do the same thing. I am sick of being seen as "the pregnant lady," but I spend more time on this website than I do with my job! Although I have never been able to get into reality TV, I think I'm the only person in America! But "Lost" is probably my guilty pleasure that I hate to miss.


mel - January 19

Hey Andrea.....wuzup? I'm not so much into the reality shows like survivor and bb, but I do enjoy stuff like, Trauma Life in the ER and paramedics. stuff like that. I know.....I'm sick.


Steph - January 19

I looooove Survivor!! (I'm a second trimester lady though... :o) ) Anyways, I can't wait until it starts and my other favorite show is Amazing Race which starts at the end of February. Finally I'll have something to watch again!


rk - January 19

I love Survivor can't wait till it starts again! I'm addicted to Lost too!!


andrea - January 19

This season should be interesting. Guys vs. girls: young vs. old.Can't Wait! Another good one that had me standing and screaming at the t.v. was The Contender. On previews I thought how dumb-what are they going to come up with next?Then I watched it and loved it. Supposedly their is going to be another season sometime. Hey mel! Just another day. I have my doc's appt. at 2:30 so I'll be out of here soon! Wazup witchoo-haha?


mel - January 19

you having an internal with this one? keep us posted.


andrea - January 19

I don't know if this one will be or not. My b/f is going with me this time. I've been telling him about the internal's and I think that has sparked his interest. I said I'll make you leave the room-he said no you won't, but don't mind the sounds coming from the other side of the room. I gave him a funny look and didn't ask any questions?!! I go to the doc's every 2 weeks now. I'm scared what the scale might tell me. I'm afarid it will be a repeat of last month and be a 10lb. gain. When you said the baby was measuring 32, did you mean the baby was 32 weeks? or your belly is 32 in.? All along I thought you meant that you were 30 weeks and the baby was ahead of schedule at 32 weeks. For some odd reason it just dawned on me that you might have been talking about the measurements of your belly. Remember how I said if you go before me that wouldn't be fair? oh man you have to let me know.


mel - January 19

I'm going by fundal height. my uterus is measuring 32 centimeters which is supposed to corralate to how many weeks along you are. (30) it's not an exact science, but even at the ultrasounds baby has measured big. I'm POSITIVE about my conception date though, so I think the baby is just big. my son weighed 8lbs 5oz. so we'll see.


andrea - January 19

oh, so let's say someone who is 29 weeks should measure about 29 cm? I didn't know that- I'm 32.5 weeks(gotta have that .5 in their) so we'll see. Interesting. Gotsta go-I'll tell ya how it went tomorrow! Have a good day!!!


jb - January 19

I have to tell you about my "brush with greatness"...That lady Sue/Suzie, that was on the first survivor (you know the trucker lady from Wisconsin), well she is my dh's best friends sister. Can you believe she is still making money off that?!?! Anyhoo....I do love Survivor. Amazing race is probably my favorite show. I am glad ameriacn idol is back. The first few episodes crack me up. How can some of those people actually think they have a good singing voice?!?!?


Steph - January 19

Wasn't Sue the one who b___hed Richard out a couple of seasons back for rubbing on her when they were on the balance beams? She reamed his a__s, and Jeff's!! I thought it was great! I love Amazing Race also!! I really disliked last season with all the families. I think it was too many people to pay attention to and they really didn't travel al all.


Heather - January 19

OK, I am showing my age here. But I am going out on a limb as the old fart mom on this one. When I saw the question "anyone a Surviror fan?" The ONLY thing that come to mind for me was the 80's rock band Survivor. And I was all excited like, ya, I like those guys, as their music began to run through my head....finally somehting else to think about besided my upcoming labor (I am 37 weeks with my first). SOOOO, imagine my suprise when I started ready your post, and realized not only was I old, I am really livin' under a rock here because I have never actually seen the show. Your posts all made me smile, though, because as much as we are all dying to meet our new babies, it is nice to shake things up abit......thanks for catching my attention. Best of luck to all!


Ronni - January 19

I love survivor, when does the new one start? I am a teacher and the guidance counselor in my school is cousins with Ethan Zohn winner of one of the survivors. Anyway, she said he is a really nice guy.


Karen - January 19

Survivor!!! I'm hooked. But sadly, I moved away from my home town a year ago and have had to watch it alone...prior to that my sister and I would get together on Survivor night - drink beer wine, each chips or popcorn - it was great! Now we call each other on the telephone. So I have to tell ya I was less impressed with the last Survivor - until half way through...then it got interesting. I can't wait until the next one starts - I get so fiesty when I watch it - my poor hubby - he is sucked into watching it now but deep down I'm sure he's a fan too! Love American Idol - can't seem to get connected to LOST cause I am LOST about the show. Desperate House Wives, House and Grey's Anatomy are specials too - who was I kidding when I thought I didn't watch too much t.v.!!! And Prison Break - that comes back in March...addicted to it...truly. Thanks for the diversion ladies...


andrea - January 20

The next survivor starts on feb 2nd. yay! Mel I had my doc's appt. She didn't check me, she said that would be next time. I'm 33 weeks and measuring 31 cm. The heartbeat is like 140 or something. Oh yeah I almost forgot- I only gained one pound. Last month I was in at 150. This time weighing in at 151. I'm probably obsessing way to much over this weight thing-but the 10 lbs. I gained last month was a shocker. The only thing I did different this month was eating supper earlier and eating no snacks afterward, so.......anyway. We were at the casino last night(yes, we went again) and I was sitting at this slot machine while my b/f was playing cards and i kinda had my purse and jacket in front of me on my lap. Wll, this guy came up to me and said hi my name is so-in-so(can't remember) and I'm doing some construction work from colorado and was just totally trying to hit on me. I'm just sitting their confused like what is going on? do i look that d__n good or what? just kidding. Anywat I start getting really grossed out- I mean yuck-the nerve- so I looked at him with this p__sy look on my face and said uh, I'm pregnant. and he said oh that's fine and pulls out his wallet and starts showing me pictures of his kids?!! I don't think he knew I was pregnant and felt like a total a__s after I told him- but who knows, maybe he did know and just thought he could get a little pregnant bootie. Guys are pigs! Not to tell another story, but that reminded me of the time when my mom was out at a bar when this came up to her and started hitting on her- (he was an out of town construction worker too-go figure). Well anyway hw was asking my mom out and stuff and she said no he said why not and she pointed to the ring on his finger and said well for one because of that-and he said oh well we can fix that and he took his wedding ring off and stuck it in his pocket! Can you f******g believe that? Any way i must be in a man hater mood- forgive me!


mel - January 20

that is unbelieveable! what a freaking pig! when I was pregnant with my son I had men hiting on me left and right. I'm talking about when I was BIG and pregnant. I'm glad everything is going well with the pregnancy. I'm getting pretty sick of being pregnant, personally. Not big on the casinos, but Oaklawn (the horse track) opens up today and I am totally itching to go. love watching them horses run.



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