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Redhead Mary - January 29

Just wondering if there are any mamas busy making stuff for their babies?? I have been crocheting .. i can sew too but i havent sewn anything for her yet... If anyone wants to share their creations id be happy to look AND share as well.... Im 34 weeks and counting,,,


Elle - January 29

Hi Mary - I wish I were as talented as you! I would love to make a keepsake for the baby but unfortunately, I don't crochet or sew. Can you recommend a good beginner's crochet or knitting book? Seems like a little blanket or hat wouldn't be that hard, or am I wrong?! I'm 33w3d and hoping to go off work soon so I'll have; some extra time. Thanks!


Kim - January 29

Hi ladies, just thought I'd share something. Type in 'free crochet patterns for babies' on Google, you'll be amazed at what's available. Elle, a company named BOYE makes knitting and crochet supplies, they have some great books for beginners. Try craft or hobby stores, even Walmart has quite a few of the books. I've been crocheting for about 8 years, and I love it, but knitting is really hard for me! I've been trying to learn, and I have basic st_tches figured out, it's just that it takes so long and (I think)requires way more concentration than crochet. But then, I've heard, if you learn to knit well first, learning crochet is a very easy.


Amber - January 30

Is it possible for your husband to go through the nesting phase? My husband is building baby furniture and painting the baby's room in a real frenzy (I am not due until the end of March). I haven't ever crocheted, but I know you can buy real cute (no-sew) polar fleece kits to make blankets. They have so many patterns. I guess that is my nesting project. I just wondered if any other woman had men who were also "nesting".


JLO - January 30

I have been embroidering afgans and bibs and whatever I can get my hands on, it is so much fun preparing for baby!


mel - January 30

I am almost finished with a quilt that I have been sewing, although it seems that I've lost my mojo to get it done.


Kiddolebel - January 30

Cross st_tching something for the nursery count? My hubby did a name, birth weight, birth date, Noahs cross st_tch design for our son before he was born. Now Im making one for our daughter. Its stuffed animals sitting on a shelf and her name and such will go on it. I wish I knew how to crochet like you ladies!


Robin - January 30

I have been sewing for the last week. I finished curtains and I am working on a crib ruffle now. When I am finished with the crib ruffle, I am going to start a quilt. It is really fun because I know that nobody will have the same nursery set!


CDN Baby - January 30

I wish I knew how!


Becky - January 30

I make quilts, and right now I'm making one for a friend who is due a month before me. I will be making one for us (actually 2, since we don't know the s_x) after that. I also make some to donate to an organization, and I thought I'd share what I do with those of you who aren't into sewing but would like to make something for your baby. I buy 2 separate yards of coordinating fabric, pre-wash it, then sandwich batting between it. Then I use embroidery thread to tie the layers together every 6 inches or so. Then for the edging I buy that satin quilt binding at the fabric store, slip it over each edge, and sew it on with the sewing machine. And that's it! Oftentimes I use regular cotton on one side, and flannel on the back, then NO batting (makes for more of a "lovie" than a warm quilt, which works well for the organization that I give them to). If you go this route, you can do the blanket for about $10. Reply back to this post if you would like more info on what I've described. Good luck!


Girl Gilly - January 30

When I found out I was pregnant I got all excited and decided that I was going to sew curtains for the baby's room. I asked my husband to buy me a cheap easy to use sewing machine for my birthday. My mom got wind of this and took over. I now have a super fancy sewing machine that confuses the hell out of me!! When I told my mom my plan to sew curtains she laughed at the thought. That is when I lost all confidence in myself. So, i started small. I bought some flannel and made up some receiving blankets and hemmed some pants. I was stil feeling anxious and completely unworthy, but I needed to get the curtains done. Well, I am proud to say that I have finished the curtains and they look great! I have a few easy adjustments to make ( i made them too long) but otherwise there was no serious b___boos! YaY for me! (by the way, I learned how to sew in Grade 8 - almost 20 years ago and have not really sewn anything since - hence the reason my mom laughed - she is not some mean lady! I usually opt for a stapler before I will touch a sewing machine!!)


redhead mary - January 31

Great to hear some people are making stuff too! I dont actually know how to read patterns from any book or anything.. but i can crochet anything by just thinking and looking... I guess thats what years of practice do! Ive made lots of blankies,hats,booties.... but they are all small big projects. I would suggest to anyone that cant crochet or sew to get something plain and used fabric paint to make it unique... Also you know how fabric paint gtes real cructy and hard... thats no good for babies... But if you add water to the paint and paint it on with paint brushes it will wash up nice and soft when you are done that way it wont scratch babies skin.....Have fun ladies!!!Yahhh mommies are THE BEST!!! 34 weeks and 2 days.....



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