Anybody Else Choosing To Bottlefeed

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ashchik - June 18

hi i was just wondering if there was anybody else who has choosen to bottlefeed there babies??? and if so why have you choosen to do so


Ca__sie06 - June 18

hi! I have chosen to bottlefeed. First of all, I have never known anyone in my family to b___stfeed or ever had my own desire to do so. Secondly, it is just not practical. I am due August 8th, and cla__ses resume the end of August, and I will be back to work part-time once he is 6 weeks old, so between cla__ses, homework, and work, there is no way I will have the time or energy to b___st feed or pump, with the bottle my husband or mom or mother-in-law can help.


Trinity102203 - June 18

I am choosing to bottle feed. I bottle fed my first and I will this one also. I choose to because I don't want to be tied down to my b___st and I want to be able to drink and eat what I want and not have pain and all the pluses. Plus I don't want to leak in public and all the other stuff that goes. It is just simpler. For me, with a newborn and a 2-1/2 year old, it is the right road to take. simple.


redemptive_angel - June 19

I have choosen to bottle feed because it is also unpractical for me. I work as the manager of a hardware store. I am constintally on my feet anywhere from 6 to 14 hrs. a day (I have been keeping it to 6 to 8 until baby is born, since I am now 26 weeks). As soon as maternity leave is over, I will be right back there doing the same thing. I put all other employees before me and there are several days I don't even have time to take a break, let alone a short 5 min. one, so how and I going to stop and pump my b___sts every couple hours or so. And I can't even risk leaking... I am supposed to be and look professional. Another reason is because I just can't stand the thought of anyone sucking on my b___sts. Breast feeding is not human instinct or you would not have to teach the baby what or how to suck on! I know b___st are there for a reason, and they produce milk for a reason, but look it up... It is NOT and NEVER has been human instinct. I am very sick of people (mainly my MIL - I have lots of issues with her) looking down upon me for my choice.


drea - June 19

I have chosen to bottle feed as well. I have thought about it a lot, but decided that that was the choice I wanted to make for me and the baby.


GraphxGirl - June 19

I am going to be bottle feeding as well.. just a personal preference I guess. Made the same choice when I had my daughter. I know b___st milk is the best but baby formula is made to be pretty darn close as far as nutrition and stuff goes. So I feel pretty good about making the decision to bottle feed. You can still bond with your baby just as well. I give it up to anyone who b___st feeds though, it is probly hard and time consuming but a really great thing if you are a person who can do it... alot cheaper also heheh... Darn formula is expensive !! Depending on which kind, it costs anywhere from $30 to $40 canadian here. Get this one... I heard from a couple people that the hospital here in my city is not going to supply formula anymore for the time you are in the hospital with your baby. I was like WOW... alot of people aren't going to like that but could it really be true... so I asked my doctor at my last visit because I needed to know if I had to bring my own formula and bottles with me and yes it is true but it hasn't gone into effect yet... she said it is happening though for sure, just don't know when !! I couldn't believe it !! If I was admitted into the hospital they wouldn't expect me to bring my own food... why should it be any different for a newborn baby? I just don't agree with it at all and have a feeling alot of people here are gonna put up a big stink about it. I asked my doctor why they are gonna do this and she said they are trying to get more people to b___st feed... I wonder about the people who want to b___st feed but for some reason they aren't able to... do they gotta bring their own formula too... I just think it's crazy and not right at all. Sorry for rambling on... ok I am done venting now... lol


Shannah - June 19

I am going to bottle feed, just my preference.



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