Anybody Else Having A Big Baby

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crystal74 - February 13

i am 38 weeks tomorrow and my dr. appt. on the 1st. i was told that he was measuring 3 weeks larger than he should be. so we went in for an ultrasound on the 6th and the tech said he couldn't tell us anything cuz he's not the dr. but he did say that the baby doesn't look MUCH larger than he should be. i have been waiting to hear from my dr. but i geuss she is planning on telling me at my appt. on the 15th. i got checked for gestational diabetes and came back negative. i don't want to set any world records, i want my baby to be normal size. i am so scared that he is going to be over 10 pounds. did anybody hear about the baby born in mexico city weighing 14 pounds. everybody is now saying that's going to be my little one. oh help me. LOL. if your baby is way bigger than he should be, do the dr. 's induce you before 40 weeks? i am 38 as of tomorrow. just wondering if i'm the only one here who is having a big baby. and i will let you know what doc says this thursday.....HAPPY VALENTINES DAY MOMMY'S TO BE


sahmof3 - February 13

Mine babies were 9 lbs. 5 oz., 8 lbs. 3 oz. and 10 lbs. 6 oz. With my oldest I measured average. I was surprised at his size! I was huge with my next two. My dd was taken 10 days early, so she would have probably been over 9 lbs, too! I saw that baby from Mexico... also one from Brazil that was 17 lbs. !!! That picture of the 14 lber. made my 10 lber. look like a dwarf!!! Also wanted to say that they can be WAY off when they say a baby will be big (although they were right with mine). There's no way to know for sure until birth, unfortunately.


crystal74 - February 13

well 10 lbs.6oz. is a big baby, but if you made it through the birth then there's a little light at the end of my tunnel, LOL. are you kidding me, 17lbs?!!! i haven't seen that one yet. i got to go look it up now


sahmof3 - February 13

Yeah... 17 lbs... and the scary thing is that the same article said that the world's record was a 23 lb. baby born in Canada in the 1800's... as in no c-sections!!!! Yow! Anyhoo... all of mine were c-sections and I was actually asleep under general anesthesia for my youngest's birth lol, so that's how I made it through ;-)


jodylb0221 - February 14

i too am measuring big. 2 weeks ago i was sent for an ultrasound and the tech told me that he is 8lb 6oz which is pretty big at 37 weeks. my doc told me that she will send me for another ultrasound if i don't deliver by my due date which is a week away. i was wondering why she wouldn't just induce me and save the money on ultrasound. hmm beats me. i went to doc today and told that he don't move as much and she predicts that i will have the baby sometime this week. he has dropped into position. were you or your husband big babies. i was 9lb 6oz so i was fair size, so my doc said that genetics play a big factor. big babies run in my family. my cousin had a 12lb 9oz boy, no c section. but i'm hoping my son isn't taht big. i'm scared now, specially since she said coudl be this week. happy valentines day


mommybabyboy21 - February 14

When I was born I was 11 pounds and 24 inches...I was also two weeks late, the other parents that looked in at the nusery thought I was three months old when I was only 3 hours old. My mom had me complete natural at a birth center so she says I should be able to have mine the same way...we will see. Except I am having mine at the hospital. But I am scared my lo is going to be just as big...the baby's father was 10.5 pounds when he was born and 22 inches long and I think he was on time...though I couldn't tell you for sure.


danimarie - February 14

At my 28 week u/s my baby was measuring at around 3lbs (which is 30-31 weeks). I had already pa__sed my gestational diabetes test (although I failed the one hour...but pa__sed the three hour no problem) but because she is so big the dr had me do the 3 hour gest diabetes test AGAIN! It still came out with totally normal results. So I don't know what my doc is gonna want to do next. I have an appt in a week and I'll see what she says then. My hubby was 12lbs when he was born and he was a little bit early. So I'm hoping she isn't gonna take after him too much!! happy v-day!


crystal74 - February 14

thanks for your stories. i don't feel so alone anymore, LOL. i was 7lbs 14oz. and my husband was 9 lbs. so not big really. but my husband is a very big guy now so can that be the cause?? JODY - my theory is the dr.'s want to make as much money as possible, that's why they send you for uneccessary appointments. i think my dr. should just take my baby instead of sending me to do ultrasounds and all that, but she tells me that they don't induce before 40 weeks unless it's a medical reason. whatever. now i have this lump, i think it's a fat deposit in my skin at the bottom of my belly and it itches like crazy and it's getting bigger and i emailed my dr. about it and she said she'll just see me at my next appointment. she bugs me. it's like she's not even concerned. but my skin itches so bad that i cry. i have rubbed lotions and oils on it and it doesn't help because the baby is so big and it's stretching my skin way out. my dr. appt is tomorrow morning so i'll let you know what's going to happen. wish me luck


Sonrisa - February 15

Sometimes is how the baby is positioned. I was measuring two weeks ahead and told that if I was still measuring ahead at 36 wks they would do an u/s. I am now measuring right on. The u/s should have given you a better estimate. The baby sometimes based on how he is in your belly will give different measurements. THey did tell me that I would be induced at 38 wks if I was measuring big. I hope you get some answers today. Yes, I head about the baby in Mexico.


BriannasMummy - February 15

I just have to say that I just went through this in December. I had measured between 2 and 3 weeks bigger from about 24 weeks on. The u/s also showed a baby measuring 2 weeks bigger. My doctor told me that my daughter would be 10lbs plus, so i got prepared for a 10lb + baby. When she came out they said..its a girl.. she wieghs.. 6lbs 4oz!!! I was astonished.. I made them put her back on the scale and measure her again.. yup she weighed 6lbs 4oz.. not even close to the measurements they projected. Sometimes doctors can be way off! ~Kristin~


kellyflynn - February 15

yaya i am not alone LOL i am almost 35 week along and i 'v been tolled iam have a very heathy chubby baby, they tolled me they hope i have him early. when i went for my ultersound two and half weeks ago he was 5 lb and half, and they said if i don't ahve him by my due date he will be 10 lb and i'll be have a c section so were hoping he be here early do i can have him noramle.


crystal74 - February 15

well i went to my appointment today and got a non-stress test - okay. then she said the measurements from the ultrasound say that the baby is around 8lbs already. and the ultrasound was feb 6th. i am now measuring 40 weeks but i am only 38 weeks. she won't enduce me, she said she's going to let me go to 40 weeks, and if i haven't had him by my 40 or 41 week appt. then she'll induce me. so i guess i'm having a 10 pounder, unless there off. i hope he is not the size of two normal size newborns. my next appt. is next wednesday and she is going to check me then. i was surprised she didn't check me today. kind of disapointing but we'll see if i'm dialated next week.



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