Anybody Else S Ribs Hurt

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c - January 19

i'm 36 weeks and my ribs on my left side are killing me. the nurse said it is probably bruised from the baby kicking so much in the same spot. anyone else have this problem?


des - January 22

yes but its my right side. With my twins it was both sides for two months straight.


E - January 22

All of the time. It started at 25 weeks for me and is excruciating at times. I sleep propped up with 5 pillows. Pregnancy is overated:) I can't wait to get this little guy out of me. I forgot how wonderful it feels to be able to breathe easily and to eat without the food regurgitating itself. Just how high into my chest will my stomach go?? :))


c - January 22

omg, so glad someone answered! your right, overrated is the word! i can't sleep on my left side anymore, it hurts when i laugh... 3 more weeks, 3 more weeks...(hopefully)


Stella - January 22

I'm 34 weeks and I can feel the baby kicking me under my ribs on my right side. Although i don't have a constant pain so i doubt i've been bruised I can certainly see how its possible, the kicks are just so strong!


k - February 2

yes! At first I thought it was pain from my bra, but only one the right side?!? It feels like somebody punched me right on my top rib. hard to sleep and breathe with all this going'll be worth it, though!


AARON - February 7

mine do but they said its baby tends to sit and sleep on the the same side.


emma - February 8

i get this a lot i am 35 weeks and it really hurts i have to move when the baby kicks there


Boomgirl - February 25

I have had this since day one of my pregnancy. my ribs would pain in the evenign and were ok in the day. I also use 3-4 pillows to keep me comfy at night. Actually after the baby has dropped down, the pain has eased a little bit.


j - June 5

do your rib disapper when u are pregant like i cant feel mine


nelly - June 5

my ribs on the right side dont hurt at all but boy they do on the left all the way around to my back. i am 33 weeks and have had it for as long as i can remember.nothing eases the pain and i do mean NOTHING!!! i can actually feel them petruding out especially when i try to lay on that side they feel like they are going to pop out. it has been the biggest discomfort with this pregnancy other than heartburn.


Ani - June 11

Girl, I feel your pain... My ribs on my right side have been sore for the past week or so. I am not sure if he has been kicking there or if he is just stuck there. It hurts if I laugh or cough too hard. I am almost 35 weeks and this is my first pregnancy.


Kaly - June 11

Nelly, i'm with you. i feel the exact same thing, it has been there since about 18 weeks or so, now i'm 26. Nothing helps, i sleep with 2 regular pillows, a body pillow and 2 of those bean bag toss pillows. Man, once it comes, it's there, excruciating pain on my left rib just under the bra line, front to back. I'm sleeping mostly on my right side everyday, hope it's not bad for the baby :(. This is my first post in this section, officially into the third trimester today :)


natasha - July 20

yes i am having the same problem and i talked to a nurse and she told me the same thing does it hurt to get up or when u sneeze or any sudden movement


Jennifer - July 20

Yeah, on my right side. My baby constantly kicks me in the ribs. When he's not kicking my ribs still throb. I have trouble getting comfortable cause my right side is always hurting. But I have 9 more weeks to go. I can't wait to feel normal again and to meet the little guy inside that's causing me so much pain. :)


jess - July 20

its funny u posted this.....for the past 2 days my ribs on the right side have been hurting- he seems to like to hang out under there!! thought it was just 27 weeks i am unexcited to see how it will feel in 2 months! yes...overrated...i am over being pregnant!! lol- i just got a rib boot as i wrote that!!!


Ruth - July 21

My right side has been killing me for the last few weeks, on and off. I am 29 weeks. At my appointment last week, I talked to my doctor about it. She felt the area where I pointed out the most pain and told me that it was probably because of the hormone Relaxin. She said it loosens all the cartilage in your body (along with everything else), but that includes your ribs. She said they hurt because they are spreading from the hormone. But, she said the spreading is not permanate and will go away shortly after delivery.



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