Anybody Elses Internal Hurt Like Hell

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AD - December 23

I asked my dr if she could check to see if I was Dialated yesterday and Im due today the 23rd. It felt like she was shoving her whole fist up there! I was almost in tears on the table. Afterwords I could barely walk and it hurt to sit for the rest of the day. I was wondering if maby she was trying to break my water or get me moving in labor by doing this? Or if this really does hurt this bad normally.


SS - December 23

I am due on the 25th and have had two internals... the first one was uncomfortable, but didn't hurt at all. However, the last one almost made me cry also. My doctor pushed so hard that my whole stomach tensed up. I could barely walk or sit the rest of the day and had spotting for the next two days. I guess this is normal but I dread having another exam!


Ashley N - December 23

I've heard that the doctor will often strip the membranes during examinations near the due date - and not tell the moms what they are doing! I wonder if this is what happened to you guys? It shouldn't hurt just checking dialation and effacement . . . . . sorry you guys!!!! :(


AD - December 23

OMG! I think she did try to do that membrane thing and didnt tell me about it LOL. I just read how they do that procedure. It makes alot of sence now? that was wierd


Penny Rene - January 2

I feel compelled top say that this is a really c___ppy thing for a Dr. to do if she did try to strip your membranes without asking you. This is YOUR body, YOUR pregnancy, YOUR baby. And you only get to one shot with this baby to have a good experience. Please don't think your Dr. will always do what's best for you and your baby. I'm sure your Dr. will not purposely hurt you, but sometimes they make decisions based on what is easiest for them because they have moms-to-be who they think don't know the difference. Trust yourself first. You know your body better than any Dr. Don't let your Dr. do things to you that are not medically neccessary. !!!


yes - January 2

I agree with Penny Rene. There's a reason the term "quack" is used to describe oh-so-many doctors out there. I was present for a delivery several years ago where the doc acted all frantic to get the baby out because, he said, there'd be problems if not. So he delivered the baby as fast as he could, & then when we were all anxious & frightened about my friend's son, the doc finally told us he was rushing because he needed to get to the office to see his regular appointments! Can you believe the nerve of some people? And that's the point... doctors are people. They are not immune to the qualities of being money-grubbing @ssholes... nor do they know everything about what's right for us by any means! You tell your doctors to be careful with you, & make no apologies for it! Good luck with your birth experiences, ladies!


Kaeli - January 3

YES! My last internal (dec 29th) Was very painful. I spotted really bad then lost my mucus plug. Yesterday (2nd) was actually my due date and NOTHING! I was so sad to see the day go by... But anyway, I thought I was going to either throw up or burst into tears from that last one. I have another appt this thursday if I havent gone into labor.. Cant imagine how bad that one will hurt... : ( My first internal didnt hurt, just was uncomfy...



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