Anybody Got Induced Please Share

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Ekta - November 24

no dilation till 39 weeks appt. due date is 26th. Doctor says she will induce if nothing happens by 30th. Please give inputs. I am really worried and depressed.


shaletta - November 24

Hi Ekta, i was induced with my daughter at 38 weeks, it was pretty simple, he used a long sterile rod that he inserted into the v____a to break my water bag, after that the contractions started coming. Some docs use iv drugs. There's nothing to be worried about. Good Luck!!!!


sheree - November 24

Hi, i was induced with my first 2 and just had my 3rd via c-section, there's nothing to worry about, really simple, like shaletta said, they brake ur waters and i had the drip in both times, at least u know what date ur having them!


katie28 - November 25

well, on the other hand my experience was awful. i was induced with the pitocin, the water broken, and the labor was terrible - NO breaks in between contractions because the induction was so strong. so i had to get an epidural, which i didn't want. that made me hallucinate. seriously! and by the time baby came, all i wanted to do was interest at all because of sheer exhaustion and being so drugged. i hope i don;t have to be induced this time,


Christy - November 25

Ekta- I was originally due 11/26 too. My little guy decided to come 11/7, though. Anyway, I wasn't induced, but they did give me pitocin to help my labor along after my water broke. Let's just say that was when the epidural came in handy. Pitocin definitely makes the contractions stronger which really wore me out. The epidural helped with the pain, although I had a "hot spot" in my right groin where I could feel the contractions coming on. I know a few people who were induced and they all thought it was great. I hope all goes well for you! Who knows- maybe baby will come on his/her own before 11/30?


Selena - November 25

Wow Christy, I didn't count how many days, but that's pretty early no? Lucky you! Is it your first? Were you very active? How did your water break, wow that's crazy! I'm here waiting and waiting.... 39 1/2 wks


Kelly K - November 25

I was induced on 11/15 due to being 11 days overdue with no dialation. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I had to have cervidil the night before to help ripen my cervix and help it dialate (which I never really did) and then started pitocin the next morning. He broke my water the next morning as well. I went 12 hours and finally ended up having a c-section. I made sure I went for drugs though. Saved me from going nuts.


Ekta - November 26

Thanks all for your inputs. I went to my dr. today and she told me she will induce me on 29th. Keep me in your prayers. Warm regards


lisa - November 26

i went in for induction on the 1st of this month as i was 12 days over, i was disapointed not to experience it on my own but it was fine. I was only 1cm dilated and head was not engaged. I had first tablet on my cervix at 3 in afternoon, another at 9 in eve, an hour later the pains started, at 11.30 labour started, the contractions were painfull fast and furious, i has gas and air and an injection for pain, my daughter was born at 3.15 in morning, it was painfull but thats labour, im glad it was fast ayt least i wasnt in pain for 20 hours (first normal labour average) dont be worried, be excited, meeting your baby is the best thing in the world, for me i got depressed cos i had to wait so long i couldnt wait to meet baby.



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