Anyone 32 Weeks How Much Weight Have You Gained

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sugarbunnie - August 30

i am 32 weeks and went to the doctor today and she told me i have gained 40lbs! i am confused ? i have been trying so hard to eat right! and thought i was doing really good!


erica - August 30

I have had the same problems. I am 29 wks and have gained 28lbs. I don't eat anything different from month to month and sometimes I will gain 2lbs and then others I will gain 8lbs. I don't understand. I try to eat healthy and have become depressed over the whole situation. I am so confused too!


Amanda - August 30

I am 33 weeks, and gained 32lbs! It varies from person to person. I wouldn't worry.


Lesley Ann - August 30

I am 32 weeks today and I have gained 24.5 pounds so far but it varies from woman to woman. My doctor told me that in the summer a lot of women weigh more because of the heat since they retain more water. By the fall you might even lose some and of course once you give birth, you could lose up to 20 pounds that's just water. Good luck!!


krissy - August 30

I'm 27 weeks and have already gained 37 pounds! I started at 118, so don't feel bad it could be worse


Amanda - August 31

I also have a 4 year old son, and with him I only gained 29lbs.


michelle - August 31

i am 32 weeks and i lost 26 lbs and now i think i am starting to put it all back on. i am starting to gain a couple of lbs everytime i go to the doctor.


Heidi - August 31

I'm 33 wks tomorrow and I've gained like 35 lbs!!! I don't know how either. I don't sit and pig out all day long. I work behind a desk but when I get home I clean and so on or play with the dog and on the weekends we're always on the move so every time I step on the scale at the clinic I just about fall over. I don't know where mine's coming from either and my doc said she wasn't concerned as I wasn't showing it in the face or anything so not to worry. I only weighed 115 when I got pg and now I'm at 150!!!! I still don't know how either!


Tina - August 31

I am 30 weeks and have not gained anything. The doc says all is great though, baby is the right size etc.


Jennifer - August 31

You guys have nothing to worry about...When I was 32 weeks I weighed 160...(117 pre-preggo) and now at 37 weeks I weigh 175 and gaining 5 lbs a week trust me you havent gained much compared to some...You'll at least 20-30 the same day you have your baby anyways. :-)


Julie - August 31

I am 32 weeks, and up until my appointment yesterday, I had only gained 8lbs during my pregnancy. Then at yesterday's appointment I had jumped to 16lbs. 8 pounds in less than two weeks. Everybody is different. Looks like I am going to put it all on over the last two months.


Sarah - August 31

I'm 32 weeks and I've gained 25lbs so far.


Chubby - August 31

I weighed 164 (pre-preg) and now I am 177 at 29 weeks for a total gain of 13 pounds. I worry because it doesn't seem like enough weight gain to nurture the baby, but then I also worry about gaining too much, too. I just refuse to let myself pig-out all the time. I snack around all day long instead of eating big meals. Doctor doesn't seemed worried at all, but I am.


Tubby - August 31

I am 32weeks also and have gained 18lbs however I just went to my familys for a week and am sure I packed on another 4-6lbs they had deseert for me at pretty much every meal feel bad for baby his is on sugar overload.


Amber - September 13

Dont feel bad about gaining weight it's your time to enjoy food!! No really I know how your feeling. I gained almost 80lbs with my son (and no I wasnt happy either) he was 8 and 1/2 lbs. I am now 32 weeks pregnant with my second son and have only gained 22 lbs. Don't worry about it, if your doc says your healthy and baby is good tehn just enjoy your pregnancy! Good Luck!


Tiera1205 - November 6

I'm 32 two weeks and I only gained 12 pounds.... is that bad? I'm nervous now



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