Anyone Able To Convince Their Doc To Sweep Membranes

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mary b - March 5

Has anyone had a doc that is "very natural" about everything and convinced them to help to move things along? I have my 40 week appointment today and this will be the first time she is even checking me!!! If she doesn't do i have a right to ask her to set a closer induction date? She said if i go past my date that she will induce 7-10 days later! That is way too long! I read about all these docs inducing you ladies at 38-40 weeks...I am just wondering what you did to convince them to induce / or move thing around???


Zinnia - March 5

What's the rush!?! Why not let baby and nature decide when he/she is ready...? Actually I have read more than once that 41 weeks plus a few days is the average pregnancy length....


SaraH - March 5

It actually isn't recommended that labor be induced until you are 2 weeks past your due date. Although I realize that this really stinks and I know many doc will do it earlier, it isn't recommended until you are 1-2 weeks over (the American academy of family physicians says 2 weeks or more over I believe). As far as not being checked I understand the frustration as I was concerned that my doc might not do internal exams (thankfully she does), and if she hadn't I would have been requesting them. That said, I've read a few places, as well as heard some of the women on here say that many doc's aren't doing internal exams anymore. This seems to be b/c they feel that an internal exam doesn't really tell you much since you can go for weeks being somewhat dilated and effaced. Anyways, I'm sorry that your frustrated about it all -understandably as we all know how it is when you're getting to the end and just want that baby out -- but the 7-10 days really sounds rather normal to me. Good luck w/ trying to convince your doc though.


HEATHER - March 5

I know how you feel 3 days left seems like forever! im the oposite of you though, I am afraid to be induced! I went 16 days over with my daughter, and they are saying no more than 7/10 days this time. I am freeked, I asked last appt if she had any magic tricks she could share with me and she said s_x, and nipple stim, when I told her we were like daily and it wasnt working she laughed and said well he isnt ready then and there is a reason. Honesly I wish she hadnt done a cervical check, cause how much we really tried lastweek (I even did 5-7 miles a day on the eliptical) and I had NO change what so ever from the week before, I was totally emotionally drained the rest of the day and the next.. Id just ask your dr to do a swipe and see what she says. I asked lastweek and I was still too high up. grrr!!!!


missycc4 - March 5

I have a Dr. appt on Wednesday and I'm going to be asking her to induce me.. I'm in a lot of pain. I've gained 60 plus pounds and its getting really hard for me to get anything done around here. I'm only getting 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night because of the pain. I take Tylenol Extra Strength everynight and that isn't working anymore. I'm 42 weeks this Saturday but to my last ultrasound I'll be 39 weeks this Saturday. Dr. didn't do a exam last visit so I'll be asking her to do one this visist. good luck


HEATHER - March 5

missycc4 I hear you!!! sleeping is so non exsistant!!! Not more than 2/3 hours at a time, my body hurts, my legs, hips and theighs are really starting to be sore all day long I htink from chasing my 18 month around up and down on the floor and not being able to use my abs, they must be making up for it. I tried 1 tylenol pm one night, but I was shot the whole next day so wont do that again.


fallen_angel4155 - March 5

I asked my docter at 26 weeks about getting a membrain sweep done, and he said " we don't talk about that here" he said "we can give you a vigerouse pelvic exam on you 38th week" then he told me to " read the words behind the words" he said they don't do membrain sweeps cause of lawyer issues but i am guessing he is doing one on me cause i requested it and told him i am too poor to sue him. I don't know what the whole lawyer issues would be but you would have thought i was asking for him to murder someone with the way it got responded to and the looks on there faces. i'll find out this thursday when i go in cause i am 38 weeks today.



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