Anyone Afraid They Are Going To Die Giving Birth

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mariah - October 11

I know this may be a little far fetched but I am so afraid of dying during labour. I know they say that it's rare and I'm healthy,I'm 21 this is my first baby but I'm so afraid. I'm not sure how to spell it but it's called an anurism that means there is like this thing of air thats in the lungs than goes to the brain than you die instantly. I went to a midwife today and she told me that yes moms do die when in labour. It's rare but they do. I don't know why on earth they would even tell you that. Now I feel like I'm having anxiety attacks thinking about it. I want to be able to enjoy the labour and be excited for it,not worried that I wont make it to see my baby. Anyone else going through this?


Dawn - October 11

Mariah, you cant stress over that. I have had the thought cross my mind but I block it out. I can see me laying there with oxygen on my face or something BUT you have to let that pa__s. Enjoy this time and dont worry. HOw much longer do you have?


Angie - October 11

Mariah, yes, I have had the same type of anxiety. My husband and I have taken out a rather large life insurnace policy in case anything were to happen so he will not have to worry about money, at least for quite a while and he will be able to get the help he may need for the baby.


mariah - October 11

Well I'm freaking out. I wonder how popular it really is. I'm due next Monday so it's closer and I'm just so afraid.


Ca__sie - October 11

Don't be afraid of something like that. Just remember that as far as our health system goes, now is the best time ever to have a baby. It isn't like it used to be. Also, women have been having babies from the beginning of time... it is natural and normal. So, if the thought crosses your mind, try not to dwell on it.


mariah - October 11

I know. I'm trying not to. I know that if something goes wrong they can save you but with an anurism they can't


lynne - October 11

I have had this anxiety for a while now. I was told by a psychoa___lytic therapist at work that it is likely to be a subconcious fear related to me being replaced by my baby. I try not to think about it now. Remember it is only a fear and like any fear they are usually unrealistic and rarely, if at all happen. You'll be fine.


Confused - October 12

Mariah, while I, too, freaked out over this same occurance (I wrote an earlier post about having read of such an incident with a young woman since it happened in our area a few months ago), it's a RARE (I mean R-A-R-E) occurance. The nurses at the hospital, midwives, and even a woman from the March of Dimes, continually rea__sured me that this type of thing RARELY happens. Even though your midwife told you it does happen, she should have (in the event she didn't), put it in perspective. Or, maybe she did, but the bad is sticking in your head. Truth be known, bad things are more apt to happen to you, whether you're pregnant or not, while driving, yet most of us don't give it a second thought when getting into a car. I think most of your anxiety is because this is your first baby and you don't know what to expect and it all seems so scary. The odds are GREATLY (I mean G-R-E-A-T-L-Y) in your favor, and you and the baby should do well. Try your best to trust in the Lord to protect you and the baby (and the medical staff to take good care of you) so you can enjoy the moments when your child first enters the world. I'll keep you in my prayers, for peace and serenity. Please feel free to write us soon and let us know how it all went...and how happy you are with your new baby! God bless!!


Jen - October 12

I have not been really afraid of dying while giving birth (although I am thinking about it now LOL) but I am terrified that I will pa__s out cold and have to have a c-section. Sometimes when I get very nervous and there is pain involved I just pa__s out. I usually wake right up, but for like an hour afterward I feel completely lethargic and disoriented- so there is no way I would be able to push. I am just trying to stay calm and prepare myslef so that I am not so uptight, but this is my first so I am still not sure what to expect. Good luck and I am sure you and baby will be fine.


Christy - October 12

Mariah- You sound like my friend- she is convinced she will die from a shark attack, which is highly unlikely since she refuses to even go in the ocean. Anyway, I think you are thinking of an air embolism, which is an air bubble in your blood vessel. Depending on where it travels, it can cause problems and/or death, but I think they are VERY rare. I know if large air bubbles get trapped in a syringe and your are injected with it, it could introduce an air embolism into your body. That is why you'll see a docor or nurse tap a syringe before injecting you- they are trying to get any big air bubbles out of it. Not sure what other mechanisms by which an air embolism gets into your body. I tried to look up some info on it quickly but didn't get anything specific, but I got some info on blood clots (pulmonary embolism and DVT's,) which are more likely, but very detectable and very treatable. An aneurysm, on the other hand, is the thinning in an artery's wall that balloons out. If it ruptures, it becomes a hemorrhage (bleed.) Most common areas for an aneurysm are the abdomen (abdominal aortic aneurysm- also known as AAA) and the brain. IF found, they are operable in a lot of cases, although surgery is not even necessary a lot of the time. (BTW- I have worked with MANY patients who have survived a ruptured aneurysm and those who underwent surgery to "clip" the aneurysm. It is not an instant death sentence. Sharon Stone had one in her brain and she is doing fine.) Personally, I don't think you have anything to worry about. If you want more info, Web MD has some at: and Check it out. I hope that the more you know about it and understand it, the less fearful you will be of an aneurysm or air embolism. And yes, I do get scared once in a while that I could die giving birth, but it is so unlikely, I don't let it get the best of me. I am more worried about the pain of labor, needing a c-section, being a bad mother, and not losing the weight after I have baby. (I know- the weight loss worry is totally vain!) Anyway, I hope the info helps you feel better, and not worse. Good luck to you and try to relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! :) P.S. When are you due?


Christy - October 12

FYI- Remove the dash in the word brain on the second link to access the article. The other link looks correct.


mariah - October 12

Thanks everyone for trying to make me feel better. I think this might just be one of them things that I don't get over untill the baby is out and we are both safe. I am due this Monday.


Christy - October 12

Mariah- good luck!


Tonia - October 12

Hey Mariah, I'll put it like this how stong is your trust in the Lord. WE are all in the best hands. Don't worry about that when I had my first child it was on my mind also b/c people would sau that death goes around your bed like 9 times or something of that nature. But it is'nt anything for you to be worried about. I put everything in the Lord hands and so far he has never failed me and I don't think he ever will. You'll be just fine. You'll be back on here sharing your birth story with everyone. So try not to worry you don't want to have a panic attack while you're in labor and have to go through problems that you will create for yourself. So girl just relax you are well protected. Good luck


Don't worry - October 12

I wouldn't worry so much it will not do any good, it just gets you worked up! People can have an aurism at any givin time pregnant or not, you can't think about stuff like this, it is like worrying all day if you cross the street you could be hit by a car. Sorry not trying to sound harsh, but it is true.


Ash - October 12

Mariah, my friend died from a brain anurism, she was 19 with her first baby, it is very rare but it does happen, but I would suggest not stressing over it, the chances that it will happen to any of us is rare. I was very worried with my first son, not because of a brain anurism but because I have a heart condition and the stress from labor couldve put me into cardiac arrest but I stayed calm and if you do the same thing, you will be fine.


mariah - October 13

Gee thank Ash for telling me your friend died from it. Thats a good thing to tell someone who is almost 40 weeks pregnant and scared o death of it. yeah thanks again



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