Anyone Been Put On Medication To Lower Blood Pressure

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Shanna - November 15

Mine is not dangerously high, was 130 last week and went back today, was 134. Never had problems with my pressure. Swelling has been painful in my feet and ankles though. Doctor put me on bed rest to try and lower it. The medicine I got is supposed to be completely safe but still don't like the idea of taking it. Its called Labetalol. Anyone ever taken this? am 31 weeks along.


Christy - November 15

I had toxemia with my first child and had extremely high blood pressure, but I never took anything for it. That was 7 years ago so things have probably changed since then. If your doctor says it's okay it probably is. Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy.


Pat - November 15

Hey Shanna, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure at 34 weeks with my first baby but I had no swelling. I, too, was on Labetalol. My blood pressure was up to 155 before I began the pills. I was told up to 140 was normal. I was induced at 38 weeks. Everything was fine. As soon as labour began, my blood pressure dropped. My son was born healthy and is a very bright and energetic 20 month old. I am now 30 weeks pregnant with my second and the high blood pressure began this time at 22 weeks. Somewhat more nervous this time as I will be on the pills for a longer period of time. I have never had high blood pressure pre pregnancy. Your blood pressure isn't dangerously high--it's actually in the normal range-(highish normal, but still normal) it's probably the combination of high blood pressure and swelling that's concerning him. You'll probably be sent for ultrasounds soon to make sure your baby is growing properly (apparently HBP results in a low birth weight baby) and for non stress tests. Good luck and try not to worry about it so much. STRESS RAISES BLOOD PRESSURE!! Good luck!


Shanna - November 15

to Pat; at my appointment today I was given the non-stress test and everything looked great and I know this little girl is growing just fine, had a 3d sonogram this past Saturday and she has got some chubby cheeks! My doc wants me to go for a ultrasound at my hospital this Monday. I've been reading that this can be genetic, that if your mother had HBP during her pregnancy than there is a good chance you will have it too, which my mom did have although I think hers was worse. Are you on bedrest also?


Pat - November 16

Shanna--I was not on bedrest with my first pregnancy because my blood pressure was controlled with the pills but I did have to stop work and was told to take it easy. With this pregnancy, again the BP is controlled with the pills but I'm stopping work in about a weeks time with the same instructions--no bedrest necessary but take it easy--nothing extra or strenuous. However, I do not have any swelling. Swelling and HBP together can lead to more severe complications. That's why you're monitored with weekly ultrasounds and nonstress tests. I think the swelling only becomes a real issue if it pa__ses the knees. If it sticks to the ankles it's o.k. In terms of genetics. No one has HBP in my family and neither did my mom during pregnancy (from what she remembers). Who knows! Either way-just take it easy and relax!



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