Anyone Checking Their Own Cervix

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azlayla2002 - May 23

I've been checking my cervix since before I was pregnant and have some questions. I am 38 wks and cervix is anterior, 70% effaced, soft and dilated to 2cm, and the baby is at a 0 station, based on my midwifes assesment. Now that I can reach my own cervix again, most of the time, I'm curious how to tell how effaced I am. I think it still feels long but am unsure how long is long and what it actually "feels" like. Also, I can't tell that I'm dilated at all. I can tell that my finger would fit into my cervix easily but it isn't staying open on it's own. Is this what a 1-2cm dilated cervix feels like? I'm also working on cervical massage with evening primrose oil and am wondering how long I should do it each time. So far, I can't tell that it has been ripening my cervix any more for the past two weeks. I'm a mommy who has big babbies and my fluids are low so that is why we are trying to "naturally" progress things along before medical interventions are necessary. Please only questions and or helpful responses.


Steph - May 23

I don't think that many ladies on here check their own cervixes...have you talked to your midwife about checking yourself? If he/she does not have any issues with it, maybe you can get some ideas from her?


Kim L - May 23

From what I've heard and read, it's probably not great to be checking your own cervix because of risk of infection. But I guess if your midwife is okay with it and can give you suggestions on what to do, why not? Good luck, I hope you find something that works!


krista-lee - May 23

yeah its best not to check your own cervix. its easy to get an infection up there if you're not wearing a special glove.


azlayla2002 - May 23

Anyone with Questions or Advise experienced in the matter? Of course this is done safely and sterile.


ashley - May 23

I know that one finger is considered 1 cm and two stacked on top of each other and kind of crossed is 2 cm. HOWEVER I don't know that you should be checking or messing with your cervix as you can give your self an infecton as you don't have sterile hands or sterile gloves. Regular gloves out of a box are not sterile and you could give yourself a bad infection. YOu say you are doing it safely and steriley but how do you know? Are you a nurse? Doctor? Most of the time you can't buy medical equipment such as sterile gloves. I have been lectured over and over in nursing school and in the hospital setting about sterile procedure. Checking your own cervix wont be as accurate anyway because of the angle you are in.


Trinity102203 - May 23

Checking your own cervix??? Who ever heard of such a thing!?! lol


krc - May 24

why in the world would anyone want to concern themselves with checking their own cervix. Leave that to the professionals. At 30 weeks im uncomfortale enough as it is sitting down, going pee, or tying my shoes. I couldn't imagine trying to explore down there !!! I have too many things to think about right now than all that mumbo jumbo, centimeter this, effaced that. It is kind of funny though because I haven't even looked at my cooch since my belly started to get in the way. At first when things started to change down there I was obsessed looking at it every night before bed with a mirror freaking out writing things down to ask my mid wife. When she a__sured me everything was normal and cooches change I tossed that mirror and thru my stresses out with it. But last night I attemtped to look out of curiosity and sure enough it looked different. I didn't know if I could see my cervix of what..who knows. I just shrugged my shoulders and said whatever. I am by no means trying to be sarcastic. Every woman is different and some are more into their bodies than others. I just dont understand why all the attnetion on your cervix. What does having big babies and low fluids have to do with a " cervical ma__sage"?


falafal0 - May 24

I wsh I could help you - my midwife here in Australia said that she would show me how to check my cervix so I can tell if I've started to dialate. My last birth was 45 minutes, and she thought that it would be a good idea to be able to check if I was going out somewhere or to know if I've started to go into labour - which I usualy don't until contractions start immediately - don't want baby born in a shopping ailse. But I'm 27wks and she hasn't shown me as yet, not that I'm eager or anything!...I hope you get the answers you need wether othe rmums think you should be doing this or not...good luck.


azlayla2002 - May 24

Thanks falafalO, should probably post on another site. I see my midwife Thurs. for a little Q&A but just thought I'd post in the mean time. I'm suprised everyopne is so surprised. It has been recommended for me to do cervical ma__sage with EPO. Checking my cervix is not a "weird" thing for me. That is how I was able to get pregnant by tracking cervix, charting, etc. plenty of websites and forums with other women who do that. Maybe I should go back there and ask more experienced women.


Kim L - May 24

Hi Azlyalya - it's not that anyone is surprised or inexperienced I think. It's just that checking your cervix position before pregnancy is different than checking for dilation, which unnecessarily increases the risk of infection to your baby. It's taking a chance that many doctors/midwives don't suggest you take. In the end, it is your body and your decision. So do what you want and don't let anyone annoy you about it. :-)


Evonna - May 24

Checking your own cervix? hmm, seems pretty unusual, lol.


Evonna - May 24

I hope your using a certain type of hand glove to do that. Using your own fingers will create infections & irritate the cervix.


Steph - May 24

Actually Evonna, that's not true. Tons of women check their cervix before getting pregnant in the hopes that their cervical position and cervical mucous will aid them in getting pregnant. All you have to do is make sure that your have washed hands....and there are tons of websites that will tell you how to do it. Also, krc, there is no way that you would be able to see your own cervix. You can only feel it, but ya can't see it. Only a doctor when giving you a pap can see it. Azlayla2002, hopefully your midwife can give you some tips on what you need to be doing and how you will be able to tell if you are dialitaing or not. Good luck with your labor. :o)


Trinity102203 - May 25

Wow!!! Who even knew you could touch that thing with your hands. Anyone who tries is a little "TOO in tune with their body" for me. lol. I mean, how far do you actually have to reach?!? Weird.


Evonna - May 26

exactly what i was thinking Trinity102203.


Kim L - May 26

In defense of azlayla, for anyone giving her the eyebrows (you know who you are!): checking your cervical position to help acheive or prevent pregnancy is not the least bit unusual. It's part of Natural Family Planning and the Fertility Awareness Method and is a really helpful cross-check to help a woman learn when she is about to ovulate. I've practiced the Fertility Awareness Method for three years and I've never quite gotten the hang of it. But lots of women do! I should also note that in three pregnancies, it has never taken me longer than three months to get pregnant thanks to this method. :-)



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