Anyone Deliver At 37 Weeks Or Knew Anyone Too

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ash2 - May 8

i am 37 weeks pregnant and i feel like this baby is about to drop out any day !! i am having the worst pains on my bladder, cervix, and the worst discharge ever ( sorry tmi ) but i just cant stand 3 more weeks of this ! anyone else have their baby around 37 weeks ?? i was told by my doc and in magazenes that 37 weeks is considered full term !!


shannan - May 8

Hi ash2, I am kind of in the same boat as you. I am 37 wks but instead of feeling like the baby is about to drop out, I feel like he's never going to come out! Unfortunately I don't know anyone that has delivered at 37 wks. Are you still working? Good luck with everything.


ash2 - May 8

yes i am still working 40 hrs a week, but i go on maternity leave on the 25 th ( 1 week before my due date


AML - May 8

I'm with you! I will be 37 weeks this Friday. I am feeling so much pressure and pains down below! Discharge pours out of me! (not literally,but I have a lot! sorry TMI) 37 weeks IS full term! I sit mostly because its painful to walk and I feel like he is going to fall out! I am going to try to walk and have lots of s_x! My Dr. has me taking Evening Primrose Oil to help my cervix soften! I will find out Wednesday if I am dialated yet! Hope sooo!!!!!


San - May 8

HI of my friends delivered at 37 weeks (naturally, no induction or anything) and her daughter was perfect. It's true, they say from 37 wks on is considered full term. I'm 3 weeks behind you with baby #2 and I'm feeling the same way you are...had a bit of a scare last week thought I was in pre term labour. Even though I kid about having this baby early that was a little too soon. Hang in there, you are sooo close!


Chrissy - May 8

Hey Ash2, I'm at 37 weeks too (or will be on Thursday) and find out Wed if he plans to induce because of low fluid and high blood pressure. I really really want this over with too, but yet not sure about the inducing cuz that sorta takes the fun out of the mystery of when it's gonna happen. Not sure what to think. Anyway, I have been told 37 weeks is full term and the lungs should be fully developed! I have been having tons of groin, inner thigh, and lower b___tock pain on the bone we sit on. My bladder hasn't been too bad yet. Did have some shooting pains the like the cervix area this weekend though. Not sure what is happening down there! I've definitely had more discharge too. I guess we are all about the same, so things must be happening the way they are supposed to!


Kiddolebel - May 8

Just letting you 37 weeks today...had an amnio done for lung maturity...and her lungs are in transition. But yes some drs do consider 37 weeks full term.


Kiddolebel - May 8

Try to hold out for another week if you can. They say by 38 weeks the lungs ARE fully developed, unless you have your dates wrong etc...doubt you do though =) Good luck =)


alicia2482 - May 16

I delivered at 37 weeks with my son and he had major complications with his lungs. He was born with a collapsed lung and almost didn't make it! Luckily though after a week in the hospitals, he came home and is happy 30 pound 2 year old boy!!


mom.2.5 - May 16

Hi-I too am 37wks (38 on Thrus.) and am having #5, I had my 3rd at almost 37 wks, she weighed 7#8oz, and my 4th at 37 wks (induced due to high bp) and he weighed 7#5oz, both were just fine. I hope this one comes a little early too as i am getting really irritable and can't sleep and i'm sick of all these bh's. I look like some kinda of weirdo w/ something stuck up my b___t walking around, i just have so much pain down there and in my back side. CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE MY BODY BACK!


Jenn2 - May 17

My SIL had her water break (naturally) at 37 weeks with her first child. Her contractions did not start, so they put her on pitocin, and her little boy came out a few hours later. With her second pregnancy she went into labor naturally at 38 weeks. Its wierd, but some women just do that??


Laurabb4 - May 17

Hi, my water broke on its own at 37 weeks. I had a very quick and easy labor. Baby was normal size and healthy. I hope all goes well for all of you that are due very soon.


Krista - May 17

If your doc thinks your baby is full term then why dont you guys try to get things started! =) whoo hoo!! My friend sat in a hot tub with BOTH of her kids and then went walking around her neighborhood for a few minutes...within TWO days she went into labor =)


Been There - May 17

I delivered at 37 weeks with my first. She was perfectly healthy. She was ready to come out, so there was no stopping her. Two days before she came, she started cutting down on my breathing by stretching into my lungs. It lasted for two days straight. I guess she wanted out and my body knew it too and let her go. I hope you feel better.


mishy - May 17

37 wks is only considered full term because, running the 40 weeks from the date of last period, you could have conceived anywhere in the 3 weeks after that.. but if you have had scans and they confirmed your due date then 37 wks won't be full term.. I read that during the last 2 weeks is when you transfer your immunities/antibodies over to baby so best to stay in their full term if poss. Know how you feel tho about the baby feeling like its about to drop out.. I had that - sooo much downwards pressure.. it was only after I went through labour I realised no way do they just "drop out" - life would be easier if they did! ha ha Very best of luck to you!


ash2 - May 17

well now i am 38 weeks and still nothing ! i am sooo ready to go into labor



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