Anyone Diagnosed W Gestational Diabetes

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Debi - November 29

This is my 4th baby and I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes again. I had it with the last 2. My level was 215 one hour after drinking the glucola, I am wondering if anyone has had a number this high and been able to control it with diet rather then medication? I am not taking the 3 hour since I have a prior history and am sure that I will fail that too. I just pulled out my diet from the nutritionist that was given to me with my second pregnancy. I can't remember what my #s were with the other pregnancies, but I'm sure that they weren't out of the 100s. Let me know how you made out. Thanks


T - November 29

I too have been diagnosed with it. I failed the one hour and then the three hour one too, i am in the process of having to talk to a nurse. i am not sure about what my #'s are yet, but i am nervous. This is my first child and i am due around 02/09/06. I hope i dont have to do anything more than change my diet, as opposed to taking insulin everyday.


KC - November 29

I also have it. After one hour my levels were 230, and the same after two hours. I was so depressed, I cried. I have now been on a diet that was given to me and seem to be keeping my levels down. I have to test my sugar 4 times a day, and I'm losing weight because of the lack of food that I can eat. I saw the OB yesterday and she said I was doing great and was controlling it well without meds. It is hard work and I hate the food choices, but I don't want to take insulin. I hope this helps, let me know how you are doing. I don't know anyone that has had it and it would be nice to keep up with someone that is in the same boat as me.


KC - November 29

Glad you are doing ok with it. My problem is i LOVE carbs and noodles are my favorite. I was also lactose intolerant before getting preg. but once i got preg and could eat ice cream without the stomach cramps, i think i went overboard. I know what you mean about being depressed, i feel the same way. I know it is common and likely wont affect the baby, but i cant help but worrying about this now too. I dont know anyone who has it either. Is this your first child?


T - November 29

sorry KC that last post was from me, i dont know why i put your name!!!


Debi - November 30

T, what I had to do is check my sugar (with the fingersticks) 4 times a day. Once when I woke up, an hour after breakfeast, an hour after lunch and an hour after dinner. I just got the call from my doctor's office today too telling me that I have to meet with the doctor and will have to do this again too. With my last pregnancy they let me go to the hospital once a week to have my sugar checked, but I guess this time since it was high they want me to check it myself to make sure that I can control it. It is depressing but unfortunatly it's what we have to do. At least we didn't have to do this since the beginning of our pregnancies. I am due 2/20/06 but will probably be delivered (scheduled c-section) the first week of Feb. due to the diabetes, it is what they did with my last 2.


KC - November 30

T, I get brusied with most needles also. The needle that is used for checking your glucose level is small and really doesn't hurt (so far so bruises) and it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. My biggest problem now is that I'm losing quite a bit of weight. I am 30 weeks and had only gained 15lbs, but now I've lost five in the past 10 days after being on this new diet. I'm not a small girl to begin with, but I'm worried that the baby isn't getting enough food! I asked the Dr. and she said it was normal to lose weight, but I'm only measuring 28 so I'm getting a little nervous. I don't have really supportive Dr.'s to begin with.


nic nac - November 30

I too have gestational diabetes. My number was 192 when they diagnosed me and I have been on the diet for two weeks. My numbers fluctuate between 91 and 189. They said I have to have insulin once a day. I haven't been taking the insulin yet but i will be soon. this is driving me crazy. It's my first pregnancy and i am due on 1/20/06 so i don't have that far to go so i am hoping this gets under control. The doctor at the hospital scared the c___p out of me because she said that taking insulin slightly increases the chances of the baby being stillborn. They always try to scare you to death and it doesn't make things easier.


KFish - November 30

just because you have gestational diabetes does not mean you need to take insulin. I took glyburide. One pill per day, when I could not control the diabetes with diet alone. I never had to take any insulin.


Lynn - December 1

I had gestational Diabetes & just had my baby last friday. She was 8 pounds 2.5 ounces. I was able to keep my sugar under control with diet & excercise alone. Its very important that last few weeks of pregnancy & also during labor to keep your sugar low to avoid hypoglycemia in your baby when she is born. That is when she has low blood sugar because her pancrease produces too much insulin to help you process sugar. If she does, then they will keep her in the nursery and give her sugar water & you won't be able to bond with her right away.


T - December 1

Lynn, thank you for the advice. Personally, i am worried i wont be able to keep my levels down, just for the fact that i have been exercising the whole time and i only drink water all day anyway. I guess it is the carbs that kill me!


nic nac - December 1

why do doctors suggest only insulin if there are pills you can take? i am going to ask my doctor if i can take a pill instead. Kfish are there any side affects with taking the pill instead of using insulin?


Debi - December 2

nic nac, what made them determine that you need insulin? How long have you been trying to control it by diet, your #s don't seem that out of control that they need to have you take insulin. I'm just wondering how the doctors make the decision of who needs it and who doesn't if the #s aren't that high. I could see if you were closer to 250-300. One of the girls I work with had #s in the 800-1000 range and she was still walking around and talking, I thought she would have been in a coma. Anyway, I would definatly ask them, if you need some medication to help lower it, if you could try the pills rather then having to give yourself shots. Good luck


nic nac - December 4

Debi, I was on the diet for 1 day and the nutritionist said "oh, i think your going to need insulin". I said jesus lady, can you give me some time to lower my numbers? So i was on it for two weeks and my numbers varied between 91 and 189 and they said i need insulin. i went to the hospital because the doctor said if my numbers are higher than 120 during the day and higher than 100 when i wake up in the morning then i need insulin. Now i have to go to the hospital twice a week for non-stress testing and ultrasounds. I asked the doctor if i could use some alternative meds. and he said that the pills out there are not safe for pregnant women and insulin works the best. My husband says the hospital is getting as much money as they can from insurance because now that i am on insulin, i have to go to the hospital twice a week and they submit those visits to insurance for payment. I have no symptoms of high or low blood sugar, no sweating, no extreme hunger, nothing. this is very frustrating for me.


Karen - December 5

This is my first baby and although I go to the doctor today to confirm, I already saw my results and think they will be restricting my diet (I was tested at work). I did the 3 hour and 2 of the 4 numbers were high, although not by much at all, but still consistent with gest. diabetes. If I have to check my sugar and restrict my diet, I am very willing because when I read up on what could happen to the baby, it's not worth it for me to eat what I want so she could ultimately suffer for it. And believe me, I went pretty hog wild for the first 7 months. :-) I wish everyone the best of luck, but don't stress and try to follow doctor's orders, it's the baby's health you are affecting most.


T - December 5

I am also worried because as i keep reading more into the subject, one of the websites says that 50% of women with gestational diabetes go on to get type 2 diabetes within 5 years of delivery..oh i am worried about this too! I am trying not to stress out about this whole situation, but i am so scared something will be wrong with baby and nervous about checking blood levels 4 times a day.Almost everyone i talked to though knows someone who had it and said all their babies are fine and so are the mothers. My mom even teaches with 2 women who both had it and everything is fine with them too. My husb thinks i am making too big a deal out of the whole situation and just need to relax i crazy??


nic nac - December 5

from what the dr. told me, almost all women who have gest. diabetes have to go on insulin. so if the diet doesn't work for you don't stress out. I was following the diet religiously and my numbers were still out of whack (although they were lower than before i started the diet). One other important fact. My nutritionist suggested splenda as a sugar subsitute but I did some research on and it is so bad for you that i have cut it out of my diet completety whether i am pregnant or not. so if your nutiritionist suggest it do your own research first. They don't always know what they are talking about.



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