Anyone Diagnosed With Anemia

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Leslie - December 13

Good Morning Ladies! I'm 28 weeks along and just got a call from the doctor that my bloodwork shows low iron/hemoglobin and that I'm anemic. He put me on iron supplements with follow-up bloodwork in 3 weeks. Anyone have this? What are the causes? Can it harm the baby? Thanks all!


Emy - December 13

Hi Leslie! I was diagnosed with anemia at 26 weeks and have been taking feosol once a day to help bring my iron levels up. From what I have read, only complications can occur from severe anemia (like low birth weight, etc.), but if you are taking your supplements and making effort to eat foods with iron, then you should be fine. Remember that iron is absorbed best with vitamin C and least with calcium. So, try to take your supplement when you have vitamin C, and hours from when you have calcium. We are anemic because baby is taking all our iron, so usually babies of anemic mothers are born not anemic at all. We just want to be careful that we have our levels up before the birth since we can lose a lot of blood, and in turn, iron.


to Leslie - December 13

I am not anemic w/ this pregnancy but I was in the past. I just wanted to let you know that iron pills will probally make you feel much better (less tired). Also they can make you constipated so drink alot of water and up your fiber intake. Five prunes a day does wonders!


Ashley - December 13

Yup, I'm anemic, too! I take iron every day, every other day (when I remember, or hubby remembers, basically!) and it does give me more energy. It's not anything serious - I think you have to be on a killer diet to prevent it, from what I read in one book, a drop in iron levels is kind of expected at some point. I take a liquid iron suppliment. :)


Christi - December 13

My grandmother was anemic when she was pregnant with my uncle... the doctors made her eat I dont suggest you eating matches... but I guess back then that was her intake of iron... gross eh? Anyway, my uncle is very healthy... she didnt really have any problems so I think you need not worry... its a common thing...


DWC - December 13

Yep, I am anemic also. Doc put me on iron supplements, but warned me since I have hyperemisis that they may make me sicker, she said if I couldn't tolerate them to not worry about it, she said my levels were 10.7 and should be a 12 so I was not that bad yet. I read on this site that anemia was more common in the third trimester and that the baby a__sured itself to take all the iron it needed from our bodies and we were really the only ones suffering. Though it still needs to be monitored because if your iron deeps too low it could cause baby to be low birth weight, etc... I goggled it and got some info there and it made me feel alot better about the situation... I was diagnosed Thursday at 30 weeks and have not taken my iron supplements yet. For those of you that have started taking them, do you get sick, I know it is stated to try to take without food with 7-8 oz of water, but do you find it better to take with a lite snack? Also, does it cause you constipation? I know the chances of it causing constipation is great, thanks for the prune advice! I just pray it doesn't make me sicker, do not know what I would do then, prob just not take them... I can not take my prenatal vitamins for this reason, so I really have low hope for the iron supplement.... Not really one to see the gla__s as half full, LOL!


elizabeth - December 13

I was diagnosed with anemia 26 weeks, and it was just a little low, not bad yet. I take iron pills. I dont know about the energy thing for me, i am always tired, but i have had little or no problems with constipation but my doctor said that is the most common side affect with these. My cousins couldnt take prenatal vitamins because they made them sick also, but my cousin was anemic, "very anemic" and never took her pills and she had lost alot of blood and needed a blood transfution. I think the best way to take prenatal vitamins are at night before you go to bed so you can pa__s the sickness part, i seemed to have better results. I take food with my iron pills. seems to make me feel better.


dwc - December 13

thanks elizabeth for the info and advice...


Elizabeth - December 13

One hint about taking iron, make sure you are not taking it with your prenatal or any kind of antacid. Give it a least two hours between taking any together because the limit the absorption of each other. I took my prenatal at night and took iron in the morning with orange juice which then caused me to need an antacid two hours later! Oh the joys of pregnancy!


Emy - December 13

I take my supplement at night right before bed (or in the middle of the night if I didn't remember before falling asleep) and it has not given me other side effects. Although I do notice changes in my bowels....ugh! I agree, drink lots of water and fiber!


Ashley - December 14

I take a liquid iron supplement by Eniva. My mom was diagnosed a few years ago as anemic and was almost hospitalized because of it, - the doctor really wasn't sure he wanted to let her go home her levels were so low! She took iron pills but they made her sick, a cousin when she was pregnant refused to take her iron because it made her sick, so when my mom found this liquid iron that works and didn't make her sick she rejoiced and that's what I take. I had 10 weeks of morning sickness and that was bad enough!! Even in grape juice or oj it tastes somewhat metalic but hey, you can't have everything, lol! :)



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