Anyone Due 21st August

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seaspan - August 18

Is anyone due on the 21st of August? Any signs of labor? Please respond.


Christa - August 18

I am due on the 20th of August. No signs of labor. I went to the Doctor yesterday and he said if nothing happens by next Wednesday at my doctors appointment then we would set up a time to be induced. I really hope it doesn't come down to that, but I really haven't seen any signs of labor. Except my cervix is starting to thin. Seaspan have you had any signs of labor? This is my first so I am pretty clueless on what to expect. I just know that I am ready to meet the lilttle guy/or girl. Yep we went for the surprise. The suspense is killing me.


seaspan - August 20

I went to my doc yesterday and she scheduled me for today to be induced. I am very anxious too..this is my first child. Good luck!!


Christa - August 21

Good luck with getting induced and labor and delivery. I go to the doctor on Wednesday the 14th if the baby hasn't come by then they will schedule me to be induced. I still have no signs of any labor coming. I am hoping something will happen soon though. By the way what day are you going in?


Christa - August 21

Sorry I meant to say I go in on the 24th


Jen - August 22

I am due tommorow, the 23rd, and have no hope of holding my little girl anytime soon. Doc says I am barely even dialted to a 1 which caused me to burst into tears in the office at my last visit. I don't think I have ever been so anxious in my life!!!! BTW - this is my first and reading about the signs that labor is coming like the mucas plug coming out are making me nerotic, since I don't have ANY sings yet!


Christa - August 22

Hi Jen, I know exactly how you are feeling right now. Did your doctor say anything about inducing? That is what we are going to talk about at my appointment on Wednesday if nothing has happened by then. I am really nervous about getting induced and am hoping that things will just happen naturally. I am with you though no signs of labor coming. This is too frusterating. Keep me posted on what happens.


Beth - August 23

Good luck to all of you!! I am not even due until the 31 and I am just as anxious!! I had braxton hicks last night FINALLY and they were VERY small, but those were only brought on by having s_x because I am trying to get this little one out!! :0)


Jen - August 23

Christa - my doc says we will talk about inducing at my visit on Thursday. I hope it dosen't come to that, I would rather have her come on her own!!!


shivu - August 24

Hi, I was due on 20th, but still no sign of labor. Today i went to my doctor and he checked my cervix and told me that it is thin and 1 cm dilated. He want me to go naturally not to induce. But if by monday i am not in labor then he may think of inducing me.



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