Anyone Due Around Sept 6

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jp - August 26

Just wondering if anyone was due around when I am due. If so how are you feeling? Anything happening? I am so ready to have this baby. everyday I hope that this is the day. Nothing. I am 50% effaced and 1cm dialated as of wed. Hope I am moving along. How about you??


teresa - August 26

Im Due Sept 3.. I was 1 cm dialated as of Tuesday. I am ready to have my baby too!!! I have walked and walked and I hate to sit down bc it hurts so bad. I dont know what else to do.. I want my baby to come out into the world now too... Good Luck JP... any suggestions on how to go into labor now.. haha..


Jbear - August 28

I was due Sept 5. I had my daughter Aug. 17. It's funny how anxious we get to have our babies, and then once the baby is born, you realize how much easier they are to take care of when they're still in your tummy. Good luck, everyone!


Jill - August 28

I'm due on Sept. 7 and the baby's head is "right there" (I forget the name for it) but I'm not dilated at all yet:( I am definitely ready to have the baby, as soon as I get over this nasty cold I have. Good luck everyone!


babygirls1st - August 28

I am 381/2 weeks due sept.7 also(1st baby) I am so anxious...I am completely closed, no dialation :( I hope I wont have to to go the full 41 wks....I have been feeling pretty good so far, no back pain, just occasional menstrual cramps


Michelle - August 29

Yes... I am due Sept 4th! I am so ready for this pregnancy to be over with too!!! I am feeling so clumsy, getting headaches, stuffy nose and runny nose still!!! I guess the hormones are still active! I go to the doctor tomorrow. I am dilated to 3 as of last week!!!


Lucky1 - August 29

OMG, Me too!! however I am due 9/11.. I was 50% effaced and 1cm on Tuesday the 23rd.... My next appointment is tomorrow at 12pm(EST) hopefully the doctor will tell me that I'm making progress.... I don't have BH contractions often and I haven't seen any Bloody show....


~E~ - August 29

I am due Sept. 12. 38 weeks now...doc didn't check me at last appt for dialation/effacement. Last time I was checked was about a week and half ago... no dialation, 50% effaced. I am ready!!!! I have painful practice contractions every night and I am just worn out...last night was one of the worst ones w/ the practice contractions! Soon....


angellamaria - August 29

I am due sept the 8th, as far as I know, no dialation, no effacement no braxton hicks, some irregular shooting pains down town but thats about it. I have had quite a bit of bleeding my last check up(not just spotting.. a lot!) gone with in a day or so. I feel like this is going to last forever! I just want one sign that the end is near, anything!


saydie - August 30

I am due sept 7. I am having a sono done tonight to if she is big like the last sono showed, if she is i am getting induced this week. But as of today i am 60% and 1 cm, so hopefully it soon. good luck to all of you


Sara - August 30

Im due Sept 8 and I feel just fine, just alot of pressure, like i have to pee all the time. Last Friday I found out that my cervix is just now thinning out. I go back to the Dr again this friday, so Im wondering if they are inducing my labor or not. The reason they were considering inducing is because they are scared I will not be able to have her v____aly. She weighs 8lbs now, scared her shoulders could break my pelvic bone. I wish every lady the best of luck! This is my first, and Im sooo excited, but most of all nervous.



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