Anyone Due End Of December

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dani - October 10

Hi, just thought I would start a new thread for the end of December mommies. I'm due Dec. 30th with our first baby BOY! How is everyone feeling? I'm feeling pretty good, besides the hernia that I have to deal with. Hope you all are doing well!!!!


Melissa - October 10

Hi Dani! I just moved over to the 3rd trimester board this week - yea! I am 28 weeks. I am due December 28th (also our wedding anniversary!) with our first baby, a girl. We are so excited! I just had my baby shower this past weekend (we had to have it a little early to accomodate all of my out-of-town family so they could attend). Now we are just waiting to see what our precious little Lily Kate looks like!


KEELA - October 10

Hi i'm due Dec 29. This is my second. My first child is a wonderfull little 9 yrs old girl. This one is a little boy. I am starting all over. I am very excited, happy and full for joy. I am feeling good. I have a doc appt on thur. I think they start going every 2 week after this on?


TCM - October 10

Hi - I am having my first baby (a boy) on December 20th - hoping he will be more like a mid-December baby than a late December baby. Starting to get tired again but otherwise still enjoying pregnancy!


Brandy - October 10

Hi, I'm due 12/22 with our first, a little boy. Very excited. Went for a 3D ultrasound today but couldn't see anything because he had his arms in front of his face. We could go for another ultrasound next week, but we've decided not to...kind of want to be surprised now. My shower is 10/23 and I am so excited. Everything is becoming real now (as if all the morning sickness and growing belly wasn't enough). Feeling good and really tired. Ready for December to come. I heard Christmas carols the other day and got so excited. Hope all is well with you all.


Bree - October 11

Hi, I'm due December 28th also, Melissa. I'm hoping for earlier December, though. I guess I'm just anxious.


De - October 11

Hi Ladies i also am due Dec 28th but am hopein i last till Jan 1 2006 ... ya i know why would i want to wait lol but i'd love to have a New Yrs Baby, take care!!


Kirsty - October 11

Hi Dani, my baby's due on Christmas Day. I'm hoping it will be a bit later though because I'd rather not spend Christmas in the hospital! My birthday is the 30th December, it really annoyed me as a girl getting one set of presents and no party!! Now I'm inflicting it on my little one! I'm feeling well at the moment, hoping to work until my water breaks so fingers crossed the third trimester goes well. I hope your hernia isn't giving you too much trouble, will it be resolved when your baby boy is born?


Jaime - October 11

Hi, I'm due Dec 19th, which is my birthday! However, it looks like we may go 2 weeks early so I can look forward to being somewhat recovered by the holidays. TCM, since we are the same timeline, are you finding that you are getting swelling at all?


Kerri - October 11

Hi all, I'm due Dec 29 and I've gotten so large just putting weight on in the belly area that people are asking me if I'm having twins or one big baby LOL!!


Selena - October 11

Due date is Jan 1st but I am going to jump in here any way as I hope she comes early! My stomach is really protruding now and her movements are sometimes quite painful as she is sitting breech. Nothing like a good kick to the cervix while grocery shopping to make people stare!


TCM - October 11

Hi Jaime. I have not started swelling yet - take my rings off every morning just to check that they can still move. I have hit a growth spurt though the last week and my belly is VERY big. 2 more months of growing like this will be scary. Feeling good otherwise - and you?


Jennifer - October 12

Hello: I am due on Dec 30th and can't wait. I can't wait to stop worring about everything even though I know I will worry about her once she is her. Oh yeah we are having a girl! I just can't wait! I am not sure if I should buy a Christmas outfit for her or not. What if she is early and her for Christmas. I want her to have a cute outfit.


dani - October 12

Jennifer, we have the same due date. I'm having a little BOY! How are you feeling?


Jennifer - October 12

Congratulations! I am having a girl! I am felling good except for the hot flashes. I get them really bad! How about you? How are you feeling?


MARIANNE - October 12

Jennifer, FINALLY SOMEONE ELSE THAT HAS HOT FLASHES. Everytime I try to describe them to people, they don't understand what I'm talking about. I've been getting them a lot lately and my doc says its just the surge of hormones... They really scare me because sometimes I feel like I'm gonna pa__s out. I've recently started to grow faster these past couple of weeks. I'm 30 weeks this Friday...and I'm soo ready to have my baby boy! He's due on 12/23/05, but hopefully comes a week or two early:) He's kicking like crazy, day and night! Other than that, I get the oca__sional sciatica pains, shortness of breath...the usual.. Let's keep this post's nice to have a group of us sharing our experiences:) Take care everyone.


Jennifer - October 12

They are the same for me. I almost pa__sed out a couple of times. That is all the doctor says to me too but what do you do when you are all by yourself. I am scared to go to stores by myself just in case I feel like that. My little girl has her days. She kicks like crazy for a couple of days and then she has her quite time which gets me so scared! I am ready to have her too. Not just so I am not pregnant anymore but just so I can hold her and love her even more then I already do now!



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