Anyone Due June 10th

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April - May 12

I was wondering if anyone is due on June 10th? She will be my second girl. We are naming her Emma Lee. Can't wait until she gets here!!!


Maddie - May 12

Hi April. I'm due on June 15th...pretty close! I'm having a boy. Do you have other children? He's my first child.


Toni - May 12

I am due on June 30th. This is also my second child. My first is a boy and this on is a girl. I am miserable already and do not know if I will make it another month.


April - May 12

I have a 5 year old girl, Isabella. I am so ready to have this baby. The weather is getting hot here in Tennessee, so I am ready at any moment!!!


Toni - May 12

April I live in Louisiana So I Know how you feel about the weather. It has been in the 90's here the last few days and my feet are starting to swell really bad.


Karen - May 12

I am due June 14th. This is my first and we didn't find out what we are having. It is going to be suprised.


amber - May 12

I am due June 13.. with a healthy baby girl. My husban and I have named her Kira Fate! I am sooo excited! Good luck!


MELISSA - May 12



Amanda - May 12

I'm due June 9th, Thaddeous Gaige will be his name. Can't wait!!!!


April - May 12

I am so ready for this baby to come out. It feels like I have been pregnant forever. I am having so much pressure in my lower stomach that I can't take it much longer. Has any of you had hemorrhoids? When she moves it hurts so bad, because there is no room for her in there. My daughter, Isabella, loves to feel her move, but I am not letting her push on my stomach anymore because it hurts to bad. How much weight has everyone gained? I have gained 24 lbs. so far. But I feel like a whale.


nicole - May 13

im due june 10th, but i think hes coming out soon.


Lotoya - May 13

Hi April, i'm due on June 10th, I will be delivering a girl which is also my first. If u want to keep in contact these r my addresses: [email protected]/[email protected]


Maddie - May 14

Hot weather? Try FLORIDA...yuck!


summer - May 15

im due june 10!!! :) and I love the name you chose because we are namming our little girl Emily Marie! lol Good Luck!


amanda - May 17

I am due June 19th, and praying for much earlier! I also live in Tennessee, but the weather doesn't bother me as much as being so tired! It's a boy and we are naming him Camden. I am soooo ready!!!!


April - May 17

Amanda, what part of Tennessee do you live in? I am in Cookeville.


Alex - May 18

I'm due June 12 and with my first girl and we're naming her Amelie, also extremely anxious to meet her!



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