Anyone Else CANT SLEEP

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Cassie06 - May 18

AH!!!!!!! I am 28 weeks, and cant sleep at all!! It is 7 a.m., and I havent slept all night. I am bored to death and exhausted, but I have a dr appt at 9 so there is no way I can sleep now. I need to shower and get ready so there isnt any point in trying to sleep. This goes on for days at a time! I thought we were supposed to be exhausted and sleeping all the time? That would make me happy!! lol. Anyone else have this problem??


torbman - May 18

I am right there with you Ca__sie06. I can't sleep either. I am 30 weeks. I am so overtired that I have started to sleep groan (how embara__sing) and my hubby has to wear earplugs. I toss and turn all night, and haven't felt rested in a LONG time. I am so tired of being tired.


Evonna - May 18

Yes, i have this problem alot, i am 28 weeks pregnant and cannot sleep no matter what i do. I stay up all night bored out of my mind & tired, but can't sleep!!!! I've been going through this all night now.


mom.2.5 - May 18

Ahhh.Sleep..What is that? I'm almost 38 wks and have truly forgotten what that is. I am so worn out that I can't stand myself.I coach my youngest daughters softball team, and my other 2 girls play too, and I have a 3yr old, you'd think I could sleep...NOT!My husband has moved to the recliner, he's tired of my tossing/turning, and crying about it.Finally this week my dr gave me a rx for ambien, but the way I look at it if benadryl and phenegran don't make me sleep then ambien won't either. I am so irritable I hate myself some days and pity my poor kids and husband!!!!!!!


Steph - May 18

I had some pretty bad insomnia from about weeks 24-29 and I would take Tylenol PM occasionally which helped tremendously. Not being able to sleep was horrible! I don't seem to have any problems now at 32 weeks...but if I do in the future, the Tylenol PM is a lifesaver!


Jenn2 - May 18

I will second what Steph said. I (on and off) since week 28 or so have had a hard time sleeping through the night. I finally gave in and take 1 tylenol PM tablet if I need it, and its usually enough to take the edge off.



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