Anyone Else Crying All The Time

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Heather W - April 24

I just cant seem to shake this emotional rollercoaster im on. Yesterday icried hard for like 30 min, after my dh and I had a fight..which we rarely have..and now even though we are ok I can't help but feel like EVERYTHING makes me want to cry...the fact that I can't bend over, sleep well,have contractions, anything, just wondering if anyone else is going through this too, im 34weeks 6 days


ladybug - April 24

I'm in the same boat as you are. I cry a lot too. I'm 31 weeks and I can't wait until this ride is over! You really dont understand the emotional stuff you go through until you've actually gone through it. The slightest thing can make me cry and I'm like I never would cry over this. It's weird. But you know we're not the only ones. I'm sure it's pretty normal b/c of all the stuff our bodies are going through. Hang in there girl!


yourtrish - April 24

Man...can I ever relate. I've had a pretty rough pregnancy despite my efforts to remain calm, I had a surgery to remove my gallbladder at 14w, my parents are going through a divorce, we're selling our house and moving...things seem to be on an emotional rollercoated ride lately. In turn, I find myself caught between fits of rage over the slightest little thing or crying all the time. Sometimes it's a commercial or the way my husband looks at me...sometimes it's a real emotional issue...but man...I wonder if I'm going crazy and will ever return to normal.


Inny - April 24

So nice to hear other people are feeling a little unstable! I just started feeling this way about 1 week ago - just not myself. I feel really overwhelmed and could cry at the drop of a hat! I really don't want to be the scary weepy pregnant woman!! ;) I am trying really hard to control my emotions - but I feel that I get sad, angry, etc. soooo easily! I honeslty think I am just really nervous and anxious about a lot of things and that is why I feel so overwhelmed.


LW - April 24

I can relate!!! It's been a great pregnancy for me really, no sickness no nothing. BUT at 8 weeks, we found out my mom had b___st cancer (it was on my wedding anniversary), at 29 weeks, I got shingles, and at 30 weeks, my dad had a heart attack. I feel pretty good about all of these things - I don't usually get stressed too badly. However, at about 30 weeks, I started going wierd! I cried on my hisband's 30th birthday because he said that I should choose where we went for dinner because it would make him happy to take me somewhere I liked. (yup, cried like a BABY for 30 minutes!!!). I've had to ban myself from movies unless it's a silly one (anything with Adam Sandler is usually safe) because I cry UNCONSOLABLY. Finding Nemo? Cried about him having a short fin, The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe? Cried when they shaved his mane - to the point I soaked my shirt so I had to change. Man on Fire? (ell, I think everyone cries at that one! Either way, I cry all the time!!! HOWEVER, I've learned to laugh at it! Have your cry! Have a nice big sobbong one where it's hard to catch your breath for all it matters! But once your done, and you figure out what you're crying about (usually, it's actually pretty funny), talk to your hubby about it and laugh at yourself!! Seriously, this has done wonders for me! It also makes for some great stories! Good luck girls! Just remember, YOU'RE ALMOST THERE!!! (Now I have to go cry LOL)


krithi20 - April 24

oh! yes I can certainly relate too. I have been quite upset throughout my pregnancy that I am really worried if that's going to affect my baby's personality as well. I also want to deliver asap so I can find out if I feel this same way abt things happening in my life as now, if I am not pregnant. I cry and worry abt any and everything. I am even starting to lose confidence in my decision making. I am already past my due date, so I am hoping I dont have mch longer to go on this way.


3babies - April 24

Hey LW I can relate about it making for great stories later. This is my third pregnancy, and I have been great this time around, but my first .... my husband must have wondered what happened to his wife. One day on a drive we stopped for a snack and I asked him to get me cheeze twisties, he came back to the car with cheezels. When I queried him, he said they are the same arent they ... well no. I almost lost the plot, then cried in the car for about 1/2 hour as we were driving. My husband kept giving me these sidelong glances like "what the hell happened there ... was that really about cheese twisties?" It has now become a great joke in our family when I try and insist that I wasnt too bad emotionally while I was pregnant. Seriously I just think the hormones combined with the anticipation of birth and motherhood create these feelings and they are totally normal. Try to take them in your stride, talk to your partner about them and dont worry about having those feelings on top of everything else you worry about. I promise it all gets better (months after bubs is here I have to say!).



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