Anyone Else Down To A Favorite Comfortable Outfit

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jayme2365 - January 19

Only a week away...woohoo!!! But I was wondering if anyone else is down to 2 or 3 favorite outfits they wear all the time?! I know I am...I have to wash alot..but im willing to do it to stay comfortable around the house (since i really don't go anywhere now!). 3 pairs of sweat pants..the cotton kind..and shirts that are stretching with me everyday! lol I refuse to buy more maternity clothes for just a few weeks!!! ..sooooo ready to start loosing some of this weight!


DB - January 19

I am so with you. I have a couple long sleeve cotton shirts that still cover my belly, one pair of jeans that still fit, two pairs of sweats and my fleece jacket. That's it!! Good thing i'm done with work or else I'd be wearing these same outfits all the time!! I can't wait to start losing weight. My face is so chubby now I hate to look in the mirror!


bree_n_liseys_mommy - January 19

LOL, well im down to two shirts both having stains and a pair of jeans that i dont b___ton . my belly hangs out of everything. im bigger with this pregnancy than the first so most of the maternity clothes i grew out of rather quickly.


KMo311 - January 20

i am with i am down to two pairs of sweat pants and t shirts. now fashion hurts. I have a few pairs of jeans i can wear only if i stand if i have to sit down, forget it.


chrissi79 - January 20

I hear you!!! NO MORE MATERNITY CLOTHES...I hate them! And I have like ONE pair of maternity yoga pants and like 2 tops that I can still get into!!! LOL 10 days (and hopefully NO more than that..) to go, and its not soon enough. Take care and good luck ladies!


mamagoose - January 21

Most of my maternity clothes don't fit me anymore! They leave about 2-3 inches of belly hanging out the bottom, not very attractive... when I'm lounging around the house, I wear my dh's fleece pants and t-shirts. I feel like a total slob, but they're so comfortable. I only have 1 pair of maternity jeans and 1 shirt that fit me, so that's my staple for when we have to go anywhere!


DDT - January 21

At 36 wks I have one pair of maternity pants left (my other ones are ruined because my dog got a hold of them and tore a whole in the crotch area...lovely I know!!). A few weeks ago I was running out of tops to wear so went to Walmart and bought some regular large sized tops for cheap. They are bad quality but will do for now. Luckily the newest style in tops is that they are quite long so cover my belly well. But for the next two weeks Ill be wearing the same pair of pants to work every day...not good!...I do still have a skirt that fits me because its stretchy material...but its not the weather for it! blah!...but with my weird pregnant body temp I could walk around in the snow with it at work think I am crazy!


SaraH - January 22

I still have 10.5w to go and I am definitely running out of clothing to wear. I have 2 pairs of maternity jeans that I can still wear comfortably, and I have a couple of "nicer" shirts that I can wear but are getting really really short. If I want to actually have a shirt that completely "covers" my belly I have to wear the more "unflattering" tee-shirt type maternity shirts -ones that are loose and don't tie or fit your shape at all.--- I also have 1 jacket of my dh's that I can still manage to close. Otherwise that is about all I can wear.


firedoor05 - January 22

i work in an office setting, and ive had to dress "business casual" everyday.. but....the past couple of weeks its been really easy to just wear the same jeans and the same few shirts that are super comfortable and have them deal with it. lol.. we're totally not allowed to wear jeans, and im just like... well.. im hear aren't i? when im home... its underwear and t-shirts! im the same way.. less than a week until my due date, im not buying anymore clothes! ive already been through two different sizes of mat. clothes alone! i also love.. anyone notice.. how you have to pull up your maternity pants every time you stand up and every time you walk around for a little bit.. how annoying!. lol good luck all


redhead125 - January 22

I have been living in my yoga pants since 20 weeks (only while at home, taking a walk or actually at yoga). I still have my pride and don't wear them out in public! I am amazed at how many of my maternity clothes don't fit anymore! It's depressing!



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