Anyone Else Due Around Dec 15

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Lena - November 21

Hey everyone! I'm currently in my 37th week. I had my appt. today, and my doc didn't check me :( At my last appt. she did strep B test, and then told me that my cervix is "way up there". I've been having painful BH, and period-like cramps, but that doesn't seem to do anything to get the baby out! I want her to be here so bad!!!! I'm so impatient! Anyone else in their 37th week? What symptoms are you having? I'm sure you guys are as ready as I am!


TCM - November 21

Hi - I am in my 37th week - due December 20 and my latest symptom (since Sunday) is an incredibly BAD mood - I am grouchy and have to try very hard to be almost pleasant to everyone around me (and haven't succeeded). Even chocolate hasn't cheered me up!! I am unhappy 'cos I have been really well and relatively comfortable up until now. BH are getting more and more uncomfortable for me too.


shaletta - November 21

hi im 37 weeks, due December 11th, i've been having contractions off and on, they always seem to stop, i'm getting sooo impatient, i go back to the doc's office the day after tomorrow, hope i get some good news, been feeling a lot of pressure.


Tanyav - November 22

Hi- I'm 37wks and due Dec 12th. I just have the usual, backaches, a few contractions here and there. A lot of pressure. I didn't get checked yet. Hopefully this coming Saturday they will check. I just went for a U/S yesterday because they said i'm measuring small. The baby is about 5.5lbs. That sort of freaked me out. I was hoping that my baby would be at least 6.5lbs. Anyone know how big there baby is in?


Jennifer - November 22

Hi, I'm due December 15th. I have been having very strong and frequent Braxton Hicks and period like cramps also. I was so excited when I went to the Dr. yesterday thinking he was going to tell me something was happening. NO! my cervix is completley closed. I was disapointed. Oh well. I've heard that some women are dialated for weeks before going into labor and some women aren't but when the time comes they dialate all of a sudden. Maybe that will be us. My Dr. did say that he would not let me go more than 2 days past my due date before inducing, that made me feel better. At least I won't be going to 41 or 42 weeks.


Jennifer - November 22

P.S. also like TCM I am in a Bad mood. I have to absolutley FORCE myself to be pleasant sometimes. Actually I'm swinging back and forth between this loving mood were I'm so in love with my husband and thinking we are fixing to have a son together, and be a family, then my poor hubby does something like crunch ice and I turn into an evil banshee and want to rip his head off. He deserves hazard pay for this job.


TO tanyav - November 22

about the baby weight...i always check this website. it shows the weight and length for each week.


TO tanyav - November 22

there shouldn't be any ( - ) in the web address. remove the one between "gen-eral" & the one at the very end.


Tanyav - November 22

Some of the websites show that for 37wks your baby should be around 5.5lbs some show over 6lbs so I'm not sure what to believe


Jaclyn - November 22

I am due Dec. 18th, so I am about 36 1/2 weeks. I went to the dr. today & this was the second time that I was checked "down there." My dr. told me that I am a "fingertip" dialated, and that my cervix is still really thick, but soft... I am also extremely grumpy. If you are too, I would avoid Christmas shopping this weeked b/c I tried to go last weekend & almost killed everyone in sight. Christmas shopping is the only time that people don't care if your pregnant, they are still mean. I am also having little contractions, but nothing painful, yet.


Erin - November 22

I'm due Dec. 12th. I've been having more and more cramps, sometimes lasting almost all day. Last night I woke up because I was having a really painful contraction or something--it felt like a leg cramp, but in my lower abdomen. Has anyone else had that? So far my BH otherthan that have been pretty mild. I had an u/s last week and my baby was 5 lbs. 13 oz. I'm glad--I would much rather deliver a little baby than a big one!


Lindsay - November 23

I am due dec.15th and haven't had an internal appointment is on friday. i really dont wanna go past my due date i want him to be here in time for christmas. i also have contractions that seem to get very strong then they randomly stop. i am soo impatient but i have to admit i am scared to go into labor :(



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