Anyone Else Due Nov 9

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Kristy - November 3

hey ladies, just wondering if anyone else out there was due on the same day, this is the longest part i cant wait to meet my baby girl...


Ruth - November 3

Hi Kristy! I, too am due on Nov 9th and the waiting is so hard! I haven't worked in 2 months and I am so BORED!! I have been 1cm dilated for almost 3 weeks now, and still nothing is happening. I can't wait to meet my hold him in my smell his baby smell.....AARRGGHH! I wish he would hurry up already! :)


Kristy - November 3

Hey Ruth, congradulations on your baby boy, I have 2 boys a 6 yr old and a 2 yr old they are awsome, finally having my lil girl.I am also sssssooooo bored of waiting I go to the doctor today hopefully something good will come out of it not just see ya next week, Im so scared of leaving my 2 yr old while im in the hosptial he's a mommys boy and never has been away from me that long.. Hopefully he will be good for his daddy that nite :) last week at the doc i was only a fingertip so ur doing way better then me. What are u naming ur son?? We might name are girl Megan Elizabeth, my hubby is being picky hes says nothing is final. Are u having contractions?? I get them and they hurt bad i think oh no this is it then NOTHING!!! urrrr.... It wont be to much longer for us though i hope, I keep telling everyone oh i will still be pregnant at thanksgiving :) i sure hope not that would be crazy...


Ruth - November 3

I just came back from the doctor and I'm still only 1cm, but 95% effaced. Still no contractions though. As a matter of fact, I haven't even had Braxton Hicks at all so far. I have no idea what a contraction feels like. Can't wait to find out! LOL. We're naming our son Matthew Thomas - he's our first child. Congratulations to you too! Yay! A little girl! :) You must be so happy! I really hope I'm not still pregnant by Thanksgiving! We have lots of family coming and I don't want to be in the hospital then! My doctor gave me evening primrose oil today to hopefully speed along labor. So, we'll see. Also, she said that if I'm still pregnant at this time next week, we can discuss induction before Thanksgiving. I don't know how I feel about that though, as it raises the chances of having a C-section. Ah well, all we can do is wait!...


Cher - November 3

Hi - I am due Nov 8th and expecting a girl! This is my 4th and you both have some great names chosen, I have a daughter Megan and a son Matthew. We are still debating names for our unborn daughter. He mentioned Liberty, I am not sure though. How have you gals been sleeping?


Mary Overdue - November 3

I am being induced on Nov 7/8 as I am overdue. This is my first one. he seems to be so happy in the womb we have to evict him!


Nat - November 3

Hello I am due on the 9-10 of november abd am having a girl. I was so sure she was going to come before now so I am getting impatient. So far I have not had any major signs of progress she is not keen to move out. the doctors wanted to induce me at 38 weeks because they are worried I will have a fast and may not make it to the birth centre in time so I do not think they will let me go much past 40weeks This is my second baby.


Lesley - November 3

I'm gettin set off 7th too :-D


Nat - November 3

Hi RUTH I have been on evening primrose since 36 weeks 3 tabs a day so far they have not helped me that much, I hope they work better for you pehaps my body is too used to them beacause I used to take them before I was pregnant. I have never felt a BH contraction and did not get any during my first pregnancy I want to feel them because then I would fknow that my body is getting ready for the birth. I was just over 2cm 2 weeks ago. Good luck


Kristy - November 3

Hey ladies, I went to the doctors today and Im 1 cm and 50 % effaced. I have been having contractions today alot in my back doctor said he thinks it will be soon but he set up a induction date the 11 I guess because I have had big babies before, Im hoping i go on my own I was induced with my last and it wasnt that fun... Ruth I love the name Mattew, Your more effaced then me :( lol... Cher, thats crazy 2 of us on here have both of your childrens names that awsome, How old are ur children?? as for the sleeping i dont know why but last 2 nites i have been waking up sweating real bad.. I swear this waiting really makes the days go by slow. i hope u all dont have to much longer... I am going to try some s_x tonite lol.. Dont really want to but im sick of being pregnant, went to taco bell today and didnt have enough room in the seat belly was touching table lol.... I also get confused with BH and real contractions even though its my 3 rd.. Doctor just said once there 5 mins come in dont wait to long he said because im like 30 mins away from the hosptial... Oh im going on and on Im sorry, :) what is the promise oil by the way?? what does it do??


Ruth - November 3

Hi Nat - Thanks for the heads up about the evening primrose. I'll admit, I'm not holding my breath about it sending me into labor, but everything helps! DH and I will have to have lots of s_x too! Good luck everyone! Here's hoping that we all have our bundles of joy before Thanksgiving! (Talk about having something to be thankful for!) :):)


Cher - November 4

Hey son Matthew is almost 10 and I have another son Nathaniel who is 8 and little Megan is 2 1/2 - AND I am told I am having another girl. So I could not have asked for more...2 older boys to look out for 2 little girls:) So you are finally having a girl after 2 boys!!!? You will love it! I found I got sooooo much clothes with Megan....people love to shop for girls. I am so glad I had boys first because when I did have a girl, she was special....I think because I had accepted the fact that I might just be a mom of boys! (nothing wrong with that - it just was nice to have a girl at last) ....AS for sleeping for's not going so well, I find I am constantly dreaming or thinking of things that I have to do or are to come ahead....(labor) I might be considered a pro but I am scared to death about having to go through labor and delivery again!! I had Megan in 2 hrs so I am really nervous to see what happens with this one. I even had a dream that my hubby delivered baby on our bed while on the phone with 911 - I must say that dream even scared him! lol


kristy - November 4

I know I cant wait to have my lil girl shes going to be very speacial to me too, I was told I was going to lose this baby when i was 8 weeks pregnant witch i didnt even know until a day before. I had a large subchronicle bleed but it heeled all the way and it has been a blessing health wise the rest of the way...I bonded with my 2nd child because I b___stfeed then now it will be speacial having a girl. :) I love them girl clothes too!!!!!! Was it hard having kids 2 yrs apart??? my 2 yr old is still my baby so im also very worried about that.. I think its awsome too having the older brothers..


Cher - November 4

Nope - it was not hard having the boys so close (21 mths apart) I mean they were in diapers for awhile together but you adjust and they are sooo close now. I am glad the girls will be close too. I see the age gap between the boys and Megan and it is sometimes hard because they don't want to play with her and stuff. Sounds like your baby girl is a true blessing - congrats:)


SRG - November 5

I was due on Nov 10th, went into labour on Oct. 28th had 36 hours of labour, then on the night of the 29th had a C-section and gave birth to my beautiful son Jordan Andrew weighing in at 7lbs 19.5inches. We just love and adore him. I wish you all the best!!!


Kristy - November 5

Awww Congradulations SRG! Your lucky you went early I keep thinking Im going to but it never happens. Cant wait until it does....:)


Cher - November 5

Congrats SRG!! How nice to go into labour on your own! I can't wait till my baby decides to come too:)



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