Anyone Else Feel Like Labour Will Never Start

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Impatient Lisa - October 15

Hi im 39 weeks pregnant today,and counting down, I feel like i will never go into labour, i dont know why, i know they wont do a sweep till 41 weeks and only consider inducing at 42 weeks, i so cant wait that long. Ive tried eating 2 pineapples, licorice, walking, evening primrose oraly and in va___a at night, been drinking rasp leaf tea since week 33 and been taking 2 rasp leaf tablets a day for the last few weeks, today i went and bought castor oil and drank 2 table spoons mixed with lemonade with a straw which was fine i could have drunk the whole bottle but it scares me, eventhough i asked my midwife and she said its fine to take and wont kill the baby!! i took the oil like 6 hours ago and nothing at all, no sickness or diaoeha mabie i didnt take enough. Ive been having period type on and off cramps that come and go in spurts of a few hours and are pretty constant when i have them, lots of painless bh tightenings, my hips hurt, the stretch llines are getting worse, i feel like a insomniac, and am addicted to the smell of bleech and am cleaning eveything with it: bathroom,kitchen,windowsills, book shelves........ i keep hearing first time mums usualy go over their due date but i feel like ill go mad, everyday is like a milestone, my mum had us 3 kids at 36/36 and 38 weeks i was hoping to follow in her footsteps.... but no. anyone else feel like this? it doesnt help that i cant reply to anyones messages here, there seems to be some problem, "cant find page" thing, anyway would love to hear your stories. I dont know what im having but have chosen either nisha or jasmin for girl and mabie rohan, kailas, aadi, hari, roshan or akash for a boy but not sure, needs to be asian (my husband is)


NG - October 16

I love the name Kailas. Good luck, I am sure it will not be long for you. Keep up the walking and cleaning. My mum had all of her babies eary as well , before 35 weeks, I had my first at 38 and a half weeks and hope to have the 2nd at 37-38 weeks . But for some reason I don not think it will happen. I do not get any BH contractions ( that I can feel ) So have not idea if my body is getting ready, my doctor says I am 1cm dialated ( guess it is a start)



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