Anyone Else Get Annoyed By Nurses

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GraphxGirl - June 13

I am not posting this to talk bad about nurses at all, I am just referring to the ones that are at my doctors office. When I get in there after weighing me and getting my urine sample I then go into the room with the nurse and she takes my blood pressure, fetal heart rate and measurement. There are a few different ones that work in the office and all of them have seemed to be the same way. They take my blood pressure and all that and don't even tell me what it is. They just write it down and then walk out of the room. Does anyone else have nurses that do that?? I mean sure I can just ask my doctor once she comes in and find out the babys heart rate and stuff but you would think the nurse would say something like... " oh the babys heart rate is 153, that is really good " or " your blood pressure is fine " and so on... They just always seem cranky and just wanna get it done and go to the next person. I just know if it was me I would talk to the patient a little bit cause as a pregnant mom you really want everything to be ok and it would be nice if the person would let you know how much your measuring and all that. I dunno maybe it's just me or maybe that is just the way they do things in the office but it really annoys me that they just don't seem to care much.


carol23 - June 13

I agree with you. Luckily, the nurses i've had to deal with are nice enough to tell me the heartrate (which is in the 150's all the time) of my baby, and they also comment that my bloodpressure is normal. They sound a little shady. I would tell your doctor about it. I'm sure he pulls some kind of rank over the nurses.


Steph - June 13

The nurse at my doc's office never tells me my b/p, she just says good...and then is out of the room. I don't care what my bp is just as long as it's not too high. Also, my doc is the one who does the fetal heart rate and measurements and always tells me what the heart rate is and the measurements. All you need to do is ask the nurses while they are giving you your exams. I'm pretty sure that if you ask questions, they will answer. If they don't answer you AFTER you have asked (and you may have to ask at every appt) then you can complain to the doctor, but not until you try and find a solution to the problem.


Jenn2 - June 13

I totally know what you are saying. The nurse in my doc's office does that every time. I dont know if you read my post about blood pressure, but my bp was a little higher than normal this last time, and she was not even going to tell me what it was!!! I had to ask her. It was not alarmingly high, but when they just sit there and make a face w/o telling you what it makes you nervous and uncomforitable. I guess they are just "doing their job" and dont realize how it can effect a pregnant womans nerves!!


Jenn2 - June 13

oh....and whats worse is my doctor checks the heart rate, and wont say what it is unless I ask. He just stands there with a look on his face, and I'm sitting there thinking...."is everything OK?" "what is that look for?" I guess they have been doing their job for so long, and everything becomes routine.....they just dont think about what the patient is thinking.


GraphxGirl - June 13

Exactly Jenn, I am already nervous enough as it is when I go and they just make me feel even worse by not telling me anything. I know all I have to do is ask but I really don't feel like I should have to do that. I shouldn't have to ask them is everything ok after every little thing they do. They should be more considerate and friendly... a__sure me things are looking good. So I just wait for my doctor to come in, she is very nice and I like how she takes the time to talk with me.


Mingill - June 13

GraphxGirl, my nurse did the same thing. At first it bugged me, because it was like she was just wanted to get it done with and get the heck out of the room. But after a while I just started asking her what everything was and how I was doing. She happily told me and she was nice about it. I think they just get caught up in what they are doing and the next task that sometimes they forget we're pregnant ladies with 101 questions buzzing in our brains. Now the nurse gladly tells me the results when I ask and even gives me a comparison based on the last results. You know weight down 1 lb, or blood pressure same as last time.


starr - June 13

Well, I get annoyed at the girls in my dr's office also.I will ask if they don't tell me and I will also pick up my chart and look at it.The one thing that I hate about that office though is that when they call u back you're in a big room with up to 4 other patients who can all hear your business.I really don't want to hear that the next lady has an STD or whatever.I will be so glad when this is over.They are very unprofessional.Oh, one other thing that they do that bugs the heck out of me.When I got to 36 wks I have internals at every visit(every wk)so when they get the room ready for my dr,they put the exam gel on a paper towel and then get a glove and just lay it on the nasty counter top that's all wet and nasty.After I noticed this the first time and didn't say anything, I had an infection the next day.Only God knows what has been sitting on that counter top.So now what I do is if they don't put the main part of the glove on the paper, then I throw the glove away and go in their drawer and get another one.If they're not going to protect me, then I have to do it myself.Sorry this is so long ,but just thought I'd put it all out there.


carol23 - June 14

Starr, that sounds horrible! Very unsanitary. I don't blame you, I would do the same thing.


SuzieQ - June 14

About the nurse issue - it doesn't bother me that the nurse doesn't tell me anything. She's just the nurse and is not able to discuss why my bp would be up or down or anything. I just ask my doc if he forgets to tell me - although he usually checks over my chart right away and comments on everything (weight gain, bp, any previous bloodwork, etc). My nurse is always friendly, knows my name, and is the only one at my doc office, so I must be lucky :)



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