Anyone Else Getting Panic Attacks

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MelG - May 22

I have never been a person to suffer from panic/anxiety attacks. However, as the end of this pregnancy approaches, I have started having them. Some days I will feel OK, then I start thinking about everything that is coming and I find myself getting really afraid and overwhelmed. Because of where I live, I don't have family close by who will be helping me when the baby comes and I think that's the hardest thing for me to deal with. I worry that I won't be doing things right and that everything will come crashing down on me. This is my first baby so maybe that is why. I'm going to talk to my doctor about this at my next appointment. But I was wondering if others are also experiencing this - maybe it's common in the late 3rd trimester?


Tillie - May 22

MelG, I'm really terrified lately too--in the last week, especially. Suddenly the adorable crib in the room next to mine looks less adorable and more scary to me. The changing table even looks hazardous and confusing. I feel so bad about this. I can't wait to have this baby, I've wanted one for years. and yet I'm praying she stays in me the full 40 weeks because I feel so incredibly unprepared. I don't have any family nearby either, and my husband works really long hours. Last night I was getting a fetal stress test at the hospital and the nurse was like, Where's your husband honey? Why are you here on a Sunday night alone? I almost burst into tears. Having somebody help you is SO importatn. Are you married or living with someone or are you alone? I hope you have friends and/or a partner around because I know just what you mean about panicing. The other night in bed my heart was racing so fast I couldn't sleep. And during the day all I want to do is sleep because everything else feels too overwhelming...ugh.


MelG - May 22

Tillie, thanks for the reply. It helps to know you're not the only one going crazy!! My husband will be able to help me out but because he doesn't have experience either, he thinks it will be no big deal!! He's taking 3 weeks off of work when the baby comes but he actually thinks he'll be able to get alot of the things he wants done around the house during that time. I keep trying to tell him that he has no idea what he's in for but he keeps shrugging it off. He's actually got parts of the house tore up right now as he works on these projects and it's making me a nervous wreck. I just want everything to be done and ready for the baby to come home. I don't want think about major construction going on when the baby arrives.


Tillie - May 22

Oh my god, he's crazy thinking he'll do construction!! He'll be alternately sleeping and feeding you and changing diapers and hallucinating from spurts of exhaustion...ha ha. But let him dream. You are SO lucky he's taking 3 weeks off. If my husband could do that I think my terror would melt away...or so I imagine. He's taking a week, including the hospital time, and I know he'll be checking his blackberry half the time. He's so excited for the baby, but also really wrapped up in a new and difficult job right now. I'm trying to be understanding, but I just feel so abandoned!!


Jenn2 - May 22

I have been getting very overwhelmed lately. Its not even b/c this is my first time going through labor. Its more that I dont know what to expect afterwards with a new baby. While I am sooo excited to meet my little girl. I cant help but feel like 90% of caring for a newborn baby falls on the woman. I am also a "busy bee" type of person, and I dont know how I'm going to deal with having to stay inside all day and my life will revolve around her schedule. Its just going to be a big switch for me. I also have been having some anxiety over "getting stuff done" before she gets here. I guess its what they call "nesting". I feel like I have to clean out every closet, and have everything in perfect order before I go into labor (which is very soon b/c I am 38 weeks now). I just have to keep telling myself that everything will be OK.


ARD - May 22

Hi all....I feel ya!! I'm moreso nervous and scared to death about the whole labor and delivery part than anything right now. I have been reading a book called "Baby Wise" and it has been really helpful for what to expect when the baby gets here. It also offers a way to get your baby on a set routine of eating, waking and sleeping! Its AWESOME and I highly recommend it. It gave me peace of mind to know I can DO THIS!!! :o)


Been There - May 22

I've been suffering moments of anxiousness and even a couple of dreams like I've made a mistake by getting pregnant. It's been 8 years since my last child was born, so I guess I feel anxious about starting over. Sometimes it hits me and I start to worry, but then I realize (after a while) that I'm upsetting myself over nothing. Honestly I'm thrilled about this baby, but I have moments where I'm terrified. I guess it's just the reality of such a big change in my life. I'm so glad to see it's not me alone.


falafal0 - May 22

I feel overwhelmed sometimes too - when I go over in my mind the last labour I went through with my DD, I get nervous and panicky about what will happen this time around - I had a very short (45 min) rather frightening labour and I'm worried about where and when and if anone will be with me. This is my fourth baby and as with the others, I also wonder wether I'll be able to cope. DH will be taking his leave when baby is born for maybe two weeks, so that's a huge comfort to me. He's usually gone from about 6am to close to dinner time, so most days are chaotic without his help. I can't imagine what it will be like when he goes back to work and I have a baby who needs demand feeding as well as everything else. I find I have to stop myself thinking too much, otherwise I get worked up and take it out on others - no fun there. I think it's similar for each baby, there's always another worry or concern there regardless of how many you have.It was different with my first, becuse I didn't know what to expect forif I could be a good mum, now I worry wether if I can still be a good mum, just to more than one child at a time...good luck o all of us women and mothers-to-be!


3babies - May 23

Hi Mel, I just wanted to say that I also think your feelings are perfectly normal. I feel more worried about girls who dream along thinking it is going to be a bed of roses. Yes those first few weeks are really difficult, but AMAZING! I too worried about my husband. I used to say are you scared, and when he said no, I would almost yell ... well you should be! I didnt have any family around either, but you know what? We actually look back on it as being a good thing, because we only had each other to really rely on, and we built up a great network of supportive friends too. I know it's easily said, but try not to worry to the point where it is getting in the way of enjoying your pregnancy. Just think of how many of us go back for more ... so there must be something in it for us all!


Been There - May 23

3babies, I agree. We all know what's in it for us all in the end. That beautiful child you just treasure, so we suffer through the emotions. Regarding your husband, you know men see it differently. Maybe we feel it more because we are faced with the daily reality that we are carrying a life that will actually be coming into the world. Not that men forget, but they don't have to have it on their minds every second of every day like we do. There's no putting it to the side, not even for one minute and maybe that helps weigh on us even more. Not to mention we have a HUGE responsibility just getting these children into the world healthy. Because we carry them, we feel ultimately responsible for their lives and that's a big thing. Not that the fathers don't care, but it's so different for them to touch the belly, go to the appts. and just be aware they have a child coming. Every single thing we do as mothers has to be with that child in mind from the moment we realize we've conceived. No wonder we get so anxious over it.


DeeJay - May 24

I suffered from Panic attacts prior to being pregnant. I was on medication, but stopped it prior to becoming pregnant. The attacts actually were alot less even after stopping, but now they are so much worse. 4 weeks ago I was hopspitalized for having that wicked stomach flu that was going around, I had 6 attacts in 2 days, I thought I was dying. But now I start to feel them coming on when i think of the baby coming and delivery. We are also tring to sell our house, (I am due in Aug and this house has no room for a baby) and I own my own salon (stress!!). I do have people to help me and a supportive, yet alittle nieve hisband, but I am still scared. My doc said I could go back on meds if I had to, but I don;t want to. I try to practice breathing slowly, in through the nose out through the mouth, or even in a paper bag. (it does help) If someone starts talking about horrible experiences I just say excuse me and get away from it. Panic attacts are so horrible people don't understand till you have one. Stress is a big factor, and so is not feeling well, so all the ingredients are there when you are pregnant! The good thing to remember is that you will be ok, and so will the baby. Find a quiet room, and breath slowly. Think of good things or nothing at all. Good Luck.



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