Anyone Else Giving Birth While Hubby Deployed

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Mellissa - June 19

Hi, I am just about 36 weeks and my husband has been in iraq since february. I'm just wondering if anyone else is going to be giving birth while their husbands are deployed? Chad was my biggest source of support when I had my daughter, and I just can't imagine going through this without him. I don't feel sorry for myself, and don't expect anyone else to.. we knew there was the chance he'd get deployed and we decided to try to get pregnant anyway. I guess I'm just nervous because he helped me SO MUCH last time, and although I have my sister here to be in the room with me, I don't think it will be the same. Is there anyone else going through this while their hubby's are deployed? If so, I'd love to chat and see what your birth plans are like. Thanks in advance!!! :)


miraclebaby - June 20

Sorry no one has replied, I guess unfortunately you must be solo in this. Is there anyway he can come back for a couple days and set and induction date. and then he goes back. I am not sure, but its an idea. Well, I do feel sorry for you, I want to say if it was not for people like your husband and you making sacrafices, where would our country be? Not everyone has the inner strength to do what the both of you are doing. So from my heart, thank you and your husband for the support and fighting for our country. :) :) :) :)


Mellissa - June 20

thank you miraclebaby... i thought there would be more military wives on here, but i guess not. :( The only way he would be able to come home is if a dr actually requests his presence through a red cross message, and with it being a military hospital, they won't set up an induction unless it's absolutely neccessary or i go 2 weeks past my due date. Military dr's are so used to this situation i guess and they won't request his presence unless something goes wrong. he was so helpful when i had my daughter, even laying in bed with me all night culdding so i'd feel more comofortable. It's hard to imagine having the strength to deliver this baby without him around. Thank you for your kind words, and I will be sure to tell him what you said, I think it really makes them feel better over there knowing people appreciate what they are doing. Thanks again!!


Atarahsmommy - June 20

I think it is so sad that they don't know that we appreciate them over there, it takes a lot to fight for our country and we should be praising them and not putting them, you and your husband are so strong, this is my first baby but I couldn't imagine going through labor and delivery without DH there, Good luck with everything and I know your sister will be of some comfort to you, not like having your hubby there. When is he going to be home to meet his new little one?


Mellissa - June 20

thanks you atarahsmommy... i think the soldiers over there hear so much negativity from the media, that it kinda brings them down. Chad will be home in november, thank god. I can't wait!


Steph - June 20

Mellissa, it's got to be hard to have your baby when your dh is over in've (and all the other military wives) are some strong, strong ladies!! I'm sorry I can't be more help to you, but I hope all goes well with your delivery and that your dh comes home safe and sound.


amanda103 - June 20

I don't have a husband in the military, but my thoughts go out to you. I don't know if I could do it. You said that he can't come home for the birth, but what about a satelite hookup? I read a story about someone in Alabama who just did that. Here's the link to the story Of course take out any dashes that might be in there. Maybe they might let you do something like that. Good luck!


DWilson924 - June 20

Melissa, I am sitting here reading this post and I have tears in my eyes just thinking of how hard all of this must be on you as I could not imagine being without my husband for any reason. When I am in pain, emotionally or physically, he is the first and only person I reach for or want with me so I have a very small idea of how you must feel about him not being there to support you. As a couple of other people who have psoted on this web site have said you are a VERY strong person and my husband, myself, and our soon to be born son, thank you and your husband for all that he has done and the sacrafices that have been made to make sure that we remain safe back here at home. Please keep us posted on how things are going with not just the birth of your baby but with how your husband is doing. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers! By the way do you know what you are having?


Mellissa - June 20

Ya'll are making me cry. Thank you so much for your support. My husband really has the mentality that this is why he joined the army, and he doesn't really see being over there as an act of heroism or anything, you know? This is his second tour over there. He went over there when my daughter was 4 months old and came back when she was almost 18 months. That was really hard just because i was afraid they wouldn't have that "bond" most parents and children have. but to my surprise she ignored me for the first week he was home and would only want him. amanda, i have thought about trying to set up a video teleconference... i just don't know how that would work if i go into labor early or something, you know? but that's something that i definitely want to look into. thank you all again, and i appreciate all of your kind words!!!


candace714 - June 26

Hi Mellissa... My thoughts are with you, and I know just how you are feeling. I am due with our second child in December, and my husband leaves for Iraq in October. It has yet to really sink in, since he is here with me now... but I feel so bad for him... since he is going to be the one missing his baby.


Mellissa - June 26

Candace, i know.. i think that is the hardest thing. at least i have my family here, but he is over there without any family, and on top of that he won't even get to see his son born. it makes me sad for him, but i know he's doing what he joined the army to do, and that makes it a little easier. now that i only have 3 1/2 weeks till my due date i'm getting more and more nervous about the delivery. I'm just going to try to think about him throughout the process and remember what all he did for me while i was giving birth to our daughter, and hopefully having him in my thoughts will ease my mind a little bit. i'm sorry your husband has to go over there. hopefully you will get lots of u/s pics for him to take with him. i got a 3-d u/s done and sent the video and pics to my hubby so he could see what the baby looks like. it was neat and he really loved it.


Lucky Sue - June 30

Dear Melissa, I am currenly at 32 weeks, my baby is due Aug. 22. My husband is also deployed but he is in Egypt. He left in Jan, and will not return until next Jan. I am praying that he will be here for the birth but as of right now we havn't planned anything. We have 3 year old son who I had C-section and this time I plan to have a V-bac, so I have absolutely no idea what to expect. Has your hubby come home on R& R or is he going to get to come home when the baby is born at all. By chance where are you stationed at. We are near Ft. Hood, TX, however my husband is with the national guard and is not active duty. I will be praying for you that all goes well and extremely smooth. The day is approaching quickly.


Mellissa - June 30

Hi lucky sue. it's funny because last august we moved from ft hood, now we're at ft carson, co. My hubby doesn't know if he's getting r&r or not because the company he is with left in november, and they originally told him he wouldn't be going. then february rolls around and they're like, "you're leaving in two weeks". come to find out, anyone who goes over there "late" does not get r&r. we're hoping his chain of command is a little considerate and allows him at least a week, but if so it won't be till september. i was planning on sending him a red cross message when i go into labor, but my midwife just advised me that the hospital prefers to not send one till after the baby gets here, to avoid having to send two of them. there's no gaurantee it would get to him before i have the baby anyhow. i have been asking him to call more often to check on me, make sure i'm not in labor.. but they just put him on a tank and now he's out doing patrols 12 hours a day so it's been 6 days since i've heard from him. i'm pretty frustrated by the whole thing, but trying not to get down about it. this is his job, and he loves being a tank commander and wouldn't want to be doing anything else.. so i'm trying to be supportive of him. luckily my little sis is here (she's 19) and she'll be in the room with me. :) natural birth control for her i hope. lol. i hope your husband gets to be there for the birth of your baby. do you know what you're having yet? thank you for the kind words. and i hope your husband returns safely.


Red - June 30

HIi Mellissa, My husband is also active duty but is not deployed, I just wanted to wish the best of luck and hope everything works out for you!


Mellissa - July 1

hi red.. thanks for the support. :) i'm getting anxious... under three weeks to go till my due date!!! i just talked to my hubby yesterday and he's getting a little restless too. i know he wants to be here to see our son born, but he says he's more worried about the baby not knowing who he is when he does finally meet him. i have his voice recorded on a tape recorder from last time he went over there, i had him read some stories for my daughter to listen to.. so i'll probably play the tapes for the baby and show him pictures so he will recognize my hubby's voice and face. hopefully that will ease his worries a little. :)



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