Anyone Else Have This

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evae777 - December 14

I have had a stuffy nose for months now. I read it is quite normal, but I have a hard time breathing and am constantly blowingmy nose along with it being sensitive sometimes there is a little bit of blood but not severe. sorry it sounds gross. does anyone know if this is okay?? I definitely am not sick or have a cold...


0x0xAudreyx0x0 - December 15

i've had the same think fact i still have it i just thought it was the air in my room but its not.. i believe it is normal...


jenessa - December 15

Your mucous membranes are known to go crazy when you're pregnant. My nose does this constant tingle thing too. For a while my b/f wouldn't even sleep in the same room with me because I started snoring so loud. So, your stuffiness is normal, and the blood is probably just from b__wing so much and your nose being "stressed out".


Astra - December 15

I have the same thing. At the begining of my pregnancy I kept thinking that I'm coming down with a cold which never arrived. I have also read that it is normal. What has really helped me is sleeping with a humidfier on every night. It really saves me. I also just keep stocking up on tissues! My yoga teacher has recommended the Neti pot. I have not tried it. I also know I feel a lot better each morning after a shower, the steam really clears me out. I always had a lot of sinus issues growing up and I know that for relief sometimes just putting a few drops of peppermint or eucalyptis oil in a pot of boiling water and breathing the steam can be nice if you are super congested. Sorry to hear you are suffering, but don't feel abnormal you are in good company.


jenice - December 15

Yeah, I've been in the same boat for the last few weeks. Winter's arrival and dry air certainly haven't helped! Neti pots work wonders, and I also use a humidifier in my room at least that way I don't have a bleeding nose when I wake up! I think the worst part is having to breathe through my mouth to catch my breath after breathing through my nose for too long! You're definitely not alone...if you're finding your nasal pa__sages are getting too dry (and bleeding), a trick my dad actually taught me is to put a small amount of Vaseline on your pinky finger and rub it along the inside of each nostril. Yes, it sounds gross, and yes, it feels gross, but it keeps things hydrated and less painful. Good luck!


mjvdec01 - December 16

If you ladies go to the drug store and get some plain saline nose spray it will help tromendously. 3 sprays in each nostril at least twice a day. Since the spray is non medicated it is perfectly harmless and can be used as much as you like. so far it has really saved me. With my first I was miserable, and this time around I haven't had more than a VERY slightly stuffy nose. Try it, I know it will work!


josie4 - December 16

My stuffy nose got pretty bad at the end of my pregnancy. It was sooo annoying! It was gone within a couple days of giving birth.


mary_ln - December 16

Well, I have had a stuffy nose for months now, and just on the right side. Also, I get a bloody nose almost every day. It sucks! But, they say this too shall pa__s when baby gets here...


mjvdec01 - December 17

ladies! Saline nose spray!!! I swear it works!!!


evae777 - December 18

Thanks for the suggestions, I sleep with a humidifier now in my room & have been able to breathe!! I thought it was not possible but it helps tremendously.



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