Anyone Else Having Heart Palpitations Worried

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tonilee7 - February 19

since I was about 18 weeks pregnant I have been getting heart palpitations, I mostly get them when I lay down in bed at night, but sometimes I do get them during the day. When I get them at night I have to sit up just so I can breath properly, this is really scary. When I get the heart palpitations, it feels like I have 2 heart beats one in my chest and one is my throat, also my head feels like it is going to explode. I have been to my doctors and spoken to him about this, he sent me for an ecg but it showed nothing, he told me to lessen my daily activities (h__lo I do nothin I am a stay at home mum) if I lesson my activities anymore nothin would get done lol. This really has me worried as I have heard that this can turn into something worse if not watched properly, has anyone else had this problem or is anyone else experiencing this problem too? please if you have or you are currently experiencing this let me hear your worries and what your doctor has told you...thanks


cyclemom - February 20

Do you drink caffeine? That can cause PVC's (pre-ventricular contractions) which feels like an extra beat. If you are really concerned, you can see a cardiologist and they can monitor your heart for 24 hours. Most people get PVC's and it's not a big deal, but it can be if you are getting a lot of them.


jessica72 - February 20

Toni, I too get those weird heart flutters from time to time. I'm now in week 29 and have been getting them for quite awhile. I asked my doctor about them and he had a listen with the stethescope thingy and he said all sounded fine. He did mention what cyclemom said about caffeine making them worse and that with all the increased blood flow happening with pregnancy, they were completely normal. Mine usually go away after awhile, but I think I read the warning signs are extreme shortness of breath. Then you might want to get it checked out, but little flutters here and there as weird as they feel are totally normal.


KimS - February 20

Hey tonilee7 I used to get them too, my doc told me that they needed to do the EKG while it was happening, so the next time it happened to go to Labour and Delivery and tell them that he wanted an EKG done while I was having the palpitations, of course it never happened again after that!!!! Kim


mamaof3 - February 20

Hi toni~ this is weird because I've never heard of anyone else getting this. I had this with ALL 3 of my pregnancies. The two heatbeats except sometimes I wouId feel it in my chest and stomach.. weird. I would black out if standing too long or even have to pull over while driving. They never gave me an answer with my 1st and 2nd, but with my 3rd I made a huge deal about it and my Dr. sent me to a cardiologist and it turns out that I have a slight heart murmur that only stands out during pregnancy because of the increased blood flow. Oh and I was also really anemic. the only thing they had me do was take extra iron, drink lots of water and pretty much do absolutely nothing. GL.. I hope you find out what's going on.


Mommy_to_be - February 20

I had NO caffeine during my pregnancy except the teeny tiny amount that's in chocolate and I had heart palpitations during my pregnancy. They scared me too! They started when I was around 24 weeks or so and continued til almost the end of my pregnancy. I haven't had them since and my dd is 3 months old. Lots of women experience this during pregnancy, but mention it to your doc at your next appt for rea__surance!



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