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Mal - October 28

Hi everyone! I am 31 weeks pregnant. I really like the practice I am going to , but they want to rotate me through all the doctors. I know this can be necessary b/c you never know who's going to be on call when you go in labor, but I want something more consistent! I also feel uncomfortable seeing male doctors, but they insisted that I rotate through all of them anyway...(male and female) don't I have a right to decide who I want and don't want to see? Some doctors are also just nicer and more helpful then others. Anyone else have this problem?? I just want to see one person...I 'm starting to get really anxious because I know who I WANT to deliver my baby, but what are the chances of it happening?? Oh well, just a little frustrated. :)


kim j - October 28

it is the same way at my office. i saw my midwife until i was 30 weeks then they had me see everyone. they all seem to be nice but i really like her and wanted her to deliver my baby. well she ended up moving 2 weeks ago so she will not be there to deliver and as you i dont know who will be there to deliver my baby who is due anyday..... with my first son dont even know who the doctor was who delivered him. i had never sen him before. gl... there are doctors out there that deliver all there patients babies but not to many make that promise.


d - October 28



kim - October 29

yes. i don't like it either, tho i'm dealing with it.


Hi - October 29

Yes you have the right to choose who you see, but this is something you do when you are looking for your obgyn. It was one of the first questions you should have asked and if you didn't like their rotation policy you should have found a dr who has his own practice or just a small practice and only has a back up in case of emergency. That's what I did because I wanted to choose who would be working for me rather than be sent through a baby mill. If that is the policy of the practice then there is nothing you can do about it, except choose another dr. The moral is if you don't want to be on dr rotation do your homework before going to that practice. At this point (31 weeks) I probably wouldn't change, but really whats the difference since you see different drs everytime.


Mal - October 29

Thanks guys for your responses! Like you kim j, I also started off seeing the midwives, then they circulated me through everyone, and now it's like they won't let me go back and see the midwives, it's weird. Sometimes I just feel like I don' t have a choice and that's what irritates me. To Hi, yes, it is too late to switch doctors, I chose this practice not knowing that that's how it was going to be, and I didn't know to ask...this is my first pregnancy. I also chose this practice b/c they deliver at the hospital I want to deliver at....Oh well, guess I can't have both. To Lesley, my husband has turned into the "b___h" for He is always telling them to let me see who I want to see...At least I have his support. Your right, why pick this profession if you don't care?? I really want to go back to seeing my original midwife, b/c she is the only one that seems to "care". Thanks!


kimj - October 29

i woild just tell them who you want to see that cant tell you no... gl.



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