Anyone Else In Same Situtation

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Steffer55 - April 2

I am 36 weeks and just went for my chk up today and doctor said baby feels small and now i have to go and get a special ultrasound done to see. She said baby may just have dropped, but I can't tell and am worried about my baby. If the baby is small is that still ok? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks


ErinP - April 2

I'm in the same situation, and I'm nervous about it too. I had an u/s at 30 wks and baby was at the 22nd percentile, so my dr. sent me for another u/s last week (35 wks) to make sure he was staying on that curve. He's dropped down to the 10th percentile and is only around 4 1/2 lbs. at this point. I'm worried because I know growth usually slows after 36-37 wks, ,so it seems likely that he'll have a low birth weight. I had the same problem with my first. I was measuring small at 36 wks so I had a u/s and they said he was at the 40th percentile, but by the time he was born at 39 wks he had dropped to the 10th. Still, he was 6 lbs. 3 oz., which wasn't too bad. I'm seeing my dr. tomorrow and am anxious to see if they think they'll induce early, since it seems he would maybe grow better out than in.


Steffer55 - April 2

thank you so much for your input. this is my first after having two miscarriages and the worry never stops. It is good to hear that i am not the only one and my baby can still be ok in there. Let me know how the dr goes tmrw..


cors1wfe - April 2

Steffer from what I have found try not to worry too much until you have your ultrasound...sometimes doctors can be way off on measuring which causes unnecessary worry - and even if you baby ends up being 6 pounds that is nothing to shake a stick out - Good luck keep us posted!


CoLark - April 2

I don't think doctors are very good at estimating, in what I have heard from many friends. My doctor never told me with my first what she thought of her size before I gave birth. She ended up 6 lbs 3 oz. Labor was relatively easy (11 hours and natural and no tearing). I hope my next one is small too!!!!


Steffer55 - April 3

thank you so much for responding it really makes me feel more at ease, especially because I couldn't even get in for my ultrasound appointment until the 14th of April!!! It is going to drive me crazy until then, but this rea__surance really helps. Thank you


ErinP - April 3

I saw my dr. this morning. She's sending me for another u/s on Tuesday and if the baby's fallen below the 10 %ile she wants me to go to the birth unit to be induced right away. If not, she's still going to induce me on April 20, at 38w 2d. I'd feel better about waiting until the 20th, but she said as long as I'm past the 36 wk mark the baby should be fine, just need some time to regulate his temperature since he'll likely have a low birth weight. I also have a lot of fluid and that seems to be a big concern, but I'm not sure why.


Steffer55 - April 5

I am glad you are getting some answers though and that the doc says not to worry, I can't even get into have my ultrasound until the 14th!!! Let me know how the next visit goes...


ErinP - April 8

I had my u/s today. He's holding on the same curve and is now estimated at 5 lbs.10 oz., so I'm pretty happy about that. I had prepared myself to be induced tonight so I was a little disappointed to leave without having my baby, but at the same time relieved that he's growing and things seem to be OK. I only have to wait 12 more days until my induction!!!


Steffer55 - April 9

That is so good Erin, I am happy for you. I go back to doctor's tmrw but just for chk up, we will see what she says. Baby is still kicking up a storm so that is good. 12 more days for you though how exciting!!!



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