Anyone Else Just Want To Sleep And Sleep Zzzzzz

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Sleepy - September 13

@ 32 weeks I am Sooooooooootired. I just take naps all day now. am I alone?


ChrissyR - September 13

I do, I do!!!! I am 36 weeks and I could sleep an entire day if my 3 yeard old would just let me. I am just SOOOOOOOOOOO tired. But, of course I do not sleep that well at night... I am up to pee all the time and cannot get comfortable. But for now, I sleep when ever I can... once baby comes that'll all be over with! :)


sam - September 13

i am the same as chrissy, im up so much during the night to pee that when it comes to getting up for work at 6am i feel terrible!! i often fall asleep at work and have naps during the day. im 34 weeks


Heidi - September 13

I work all day but I could c___p out today no problem. I'm about ready to lay a giant puppy training pad under my a__s at night and just let it go when I feel like it instead of getting out of bed! Ha ha!


Barb - September 13

me too...=) I feel guilty because I'm not a lazy person...but that's ALL I want to do is sleep! part of the problem is being anemic (low iron) and that's why I'm on iron now too..but geeezzz! it's not THAT low.


leslie - September 13

Omg tell me about it! I have never been able to sleep during the day! and even though I feel so tired and wish I could, its kind of hard to fall asleep....and I hate it b/c I don't work and I am always thinking how lucky I am to not work and what a waste of time it is to just lay down and not get any sleep and then when some days I do finally fall asleep at night I am totally awake, hiper, and talking talking talking!! lol I am sure it bothers hubby, so then all I can do is watch t.v. go to sleep like at 2am and wake up early and mess up my whole day again!! ugghh so then I don't know if its best to just not to get naps..and be tired all day...lately I tell hubby that my name now is THE ZOMBIE! That is how i feel!!!


ChrissyR - September 14

Barb.. I am anemic too... but I do not feel any better since they had me start taking the iron supplement.... maybe I should mention that to the Dr. ....maybe I need more iron than I am taking... ya think?


Barb - September 14

Chrissy... I don't know, but you should mention it to you Dr. anyhow. I'm still tired on the iron too, I just lay around alot....tired is a normal thing for us preg. women...but being anemic also makes you tired...let us know what she says :)


susie - September 14

Im totally the same,i could sleep every minute of the day but even i try and fight it and make myself nicely tired for bedtime i still cant sleep im either up for gla__s water, heartburn or need to go to the toliet or even breathless... Ill be glad when its all over lol...


ChrissyR - September 14

Ya know... I have found the last couple of nights since it has been so warm again and we put the air conditioning back on I sleep much better at night with the cool air... its so much easier for me to breathe. Still so tired all day though :(



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