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bean - May 2

I'm 40 weeks and 5 days today. The baby hasn't yet dropped and I'm not at all dilated or effaced. The doctor said at my 41 week apt she'd discuss induction with me, if I was at all dilated, but if not then she'd like to schedule a section. I'm so looking forward to a completely natural birth and want nothing to do with inductions or sections. I'm really trying hard to remain positive, think good thoughts, stay relaxed, and convince the baby to start making her journey, but it's getting tougher to keep the positive att_tude with every passing day. And yes, I have tried every natural induction method known (except for castor oil - not going down that road). Anyone else in this boat with me?


3babies - May 2

Hi Bean, this happened to my girlfriend and she ended up with the c/s, but she wasnt as set on a natural birth as you are. If it's what you really want, I would discuss it with your doctor. There is no reason that she shouldnt order maybe a BPP or CTG to check on bubs health and allow you more time to go into labour naturally. Having said that though, she may have suspisions that bubs is just not going to fit, and giving you more time wont make a difference ... just giving him/her time to get bigger! I really hope it goes the way you want it to. Have you tried lots of squatting/low sittingforward kneeling with legs apart etc to try to open up your pelvis? If you do end up with a c/s try not to be disappointed and still enjoy the experience. Honestly the excitement I felt when I watched my son be delivered via c/s ... I cant imagine it would have made a difference which way he came out! All the monitors for heartrate etc on me went crazy as soon as I saw him! And I still got to have a cuddle straight away. I was able to feed my second son as soon as we got back to our room (first was prem). Good luck ... and I dont blame you for not trying the castor oil thing :>)


luvmyboys - May 3

I was in your boat about 4 weeks ago. I ended up going 16 days overdue and did not dilate or efface on my own. I really wanted to avoid induction but I finally had to do it, this baby just didn't want to come. I was induced with just cervidil gel, it worked great and everything else went fine. No pitocin or anything like that. If you do not want a c-section, say no. You don't have to do anything they tell you. You can always refuse. Besides, babies aren't technically overdue until 42 weeks. Good luck! I hope things work out well for you!


Daniella - May 3

I agree with luvmyboys! First there is a 2 week grace. No one knows 100% for sure when ovulation, conception, implantion occured anyhow. (unless you did IVF, etc.)... if you dont want a c-section, say no. Although, as 3babies said, if you do end up with one in the end for whatever reason, don't beat yourself up over it. At any rate... I am with you. First we thought I was going to go into preterm labor for I have been 3 cm dilated for 3 weeks and dilated and effaced (and baby dropped) since week 32. NOW, it looks like we might have to induce. So, honestly there is no way to know for sure. YOu can be 4 cm (which I am now) dilated and not go into labor on your own... or you can be nothing and then go into full b__wn labor with progress all in one day. So, hang in there... you just never know. :) Good luck!!!


bean - May 3

Thanks so much for your support ladies! I really truly appreciate it. Tomorrow I'll be 41 wks and I'll ask the dct about pelvis being too small - I hadn't really thought of that since I'm average size and (pre-pg) was healthy weight. I spent several hours yesterday on my birth ball... guess I'll go at it again tonight and try to open that pelvis up! Thanks again!



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