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Jodi - March 9

I am due Tuesday the 16th and was told at my last appt that I was 2 cm dilated, 60% effaced, -2 station and that I was posterior. Does anyone else know if this means anything for labor? Please let me know!


Melissa - March 9

I am also posterior. It just means that your uterus and cervix sits back farther than most women's. Once you go into labor, it will come up to where it needs to be. I am pregnant with my 3rd and had no problems with my first two births. Good Luck!


Jodi - March 10

Thanks a lot Melissa! I wonder if this will affect getting my membranes stripped tomorrow??


Melissa - March 10

I had my membranes stripped with my 2nd and it was a bit more uncomfortable because of my cervix being posterior. It just makes it a little harder for your doctor to "reach" your cervix.


Jodi - March 10

Did you go into labor after you had yours stripped? I'm really ready to have this over with! I want to see my son!!


brooke - March 10

I am due on Sat. the 12th. I am also 2 cm and 80% and I am posterior. I thought that it meant the the baby was facing the wrong way, but my doc didn't explain anything. My doctors are making me so mad, they wont strip my membranes and they won't induce me until the 21st! I am so ready to have this baby!


Melissa - March 10

Jodi, I did not go into labor after my membranes were stripped. This really only works if your body and baby are ready. I guess my baby was not ready. Two weeks after I had it done, I had them break my waters ( on my due date ). I went into labor right away, but I was 3 cm dialated and labor probably would of started on its own in a few days anyway. I know how you feel! I am due on the 28th and want this baby out now! I have two friends who have already had their babies, one on Sunday and one today. It makes it harder to know that I am the last one! AHHH!!! Try to hang in there, I wish I was due on the 12th!


Jodi - March 11

Well wish me luck! I'm going in at 11:00 today to have them strip mine. I'm just getting way too big and I cant move or anything. I've been up since 4:30 this morning thinking about what could happen today but preparing myself that nothing will. I guess after everything that I've tried, I feel like I will be pregnant forever! I never felt this way with my first child. I just hope something happens today!


Jodi - March 11

Well I just got back from the doctor and nothing has progressed so that couldnt strip my membranes. I'm still right where I was a week ago. I cried the whole drive home because I was wanting so much to hear that something was happening. I never felt this way with my daughter when I was pregnant with her so I'm not sure whats going on! I just want this to be over with now!


Melissa - March 12

Well Jodi, sorry it did not work out. I am surprised they wouldn't do it even though you have no progressed anymore. I know this does not help, but you will not be pregnant forever! That baby has to come out! You can do some searches on the internet for natural induction methods. Some of them are a bit questionable ( black and blue cohash herbal tinctures, castor oil and enemas). I would steer clear of these. There is nipple stimulation which can cause contractions to start, s_x, herbs to rub on your belly and to ripen your cervix, and just plain relaxation. I am trying to relax as much as possible and not be stressed about when I will finally go into labor. I know it is hard, I am huge and uncomfortable too. Plus, I have other children to care for, which actually keeps me busy. Anyway, try really hard to relax, when you are stressed it actually works against you and labor. Good Luck! You are sooo close, just hang on a little longer.


Jodi - March 12

Thanks Melissa! I'm trying to focus on getting to spend as much alone time with the family that I have before another child is welcomed into it and trying not to stress about it. I dont want to be induced because I am having him natural and in water and I was told that I cant if I have to be induced. I think thats what hurt me the most. That and the fact that I was sure I had progressed some. I've tried everything except the cohosh and castor oil. I was told to steer clear of those and I am going to no matter what. I guess I can look forward to knowing by the end of the month I wont be pregnant anymore huh? :) It gives me something to look forward to! I will keep you posted on what happens and you do the same! Good luck to you!!


Jodi - March 19

Well I'm still pregnant and nothing is happening. How about you?


Melissa - March 19

Jodi, I went against my own advice and took 1 oz of castor oil on Wednesday. I had my baby boy 12 hours later! It actually worked and I am soooo glad it did. I just put 1 oz of castor oil in a gla__s of orange juice and about 6 hours later I started to have contractions. I did clean out my bowels, but it was not bad. At around 11:30 pm my contractions were becoming stronger, more intense and like 2-3 minutes apart. I waited until around 1:00 am and they were coming no matter what I did. My husband and I went to the hospital at 2:30 and I was 4-5 cm dialated. I got into the jacuzzi tub and in around an hour and a half I dialated to almost 10! My Kyle Wesley was born at 4:26 am with NO drugs! It was very intense, but I am soo glad it went fast and I was able to have him without drugs. He is absolutely beautiful and is nursing great. With my 2nd I tried 4 oz. of castor oil and all I had was terrible diahrrea. I was not ready. This time I took just a little and it put me into labor. I was obviously ready. He weighed 6 lb, 13 oz and is very healthy. I hope you have your baby soon, I know how hard it is to keep waiting! Maybe you should try a little castor oil, it is a natural form of induction. So, I am resting and trying to recover. Good luck and keep me posted!


Jodi - March 20

CONGRATS Melissa! I'm still very pregnant. Maybe if nothing happens by Wednesday when I go back to the doctor, I will try the oil...... I'll keep you posted.


Jodi - March 21

Well I couldnt wait to try the oil after your wonderful story so I went to the store and got some and would you know that it didnt do a thing for me??!! I didnt even have bad diarrhea!! I think Im going to be pregnant forever!


Melissa - March 22

AGGHHHH!!! I am sorry it did not work for you. What are you going to do as far as induction? Aren't you almost 2 weeks overdue? If you have to be induced, I would have them break your waters first before trying Pitocin. Good Luck and hang in there. Believe it or not I kinda miss being pregnant, but I am soo glad to be done!



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