Anyone Else S Group B Test Positive

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Cheryl - January 27

At my appointment today I was told my strep B test came back positive and that will just mean I'll have to have antibiotics during labor. Should I worry or is this ok?


sye - January 27

i also tested positive...and i tested postive in my last pregnancy...i was given antibiotics during labor but since i'm having a c section this time, i don't have to have should be o.k as long as your doctor have you on antibiotics during labor because group b strep can by very harmful to the baby...


Elle - January 28

Hi - I am GBS positive too. Found out around 28 weeks due to a UTI. My doctor said it is very, very common and nothing to worry about. We will just get antibiotics while in labor. I have read so many controversial things on this I don't know what to think, but am inclined to trust my doctor on this since she was so non-chalant. Anyway, good luck to you both and I wish you safe and healthy deliveries!!


Karen - January 28

Hi we were asked about whether we wanted to have the strep B swab done and after researching it - of course we will have it done. As far as we know, if you test for it - you will be administered antibiotics at the time of labour and not before because of the effects it can have on baby in utero. This will prevent baby from becoming infected and acquiring meningitis. According to what I have read - step B is common among women so don't feel as though there is anything that you did to test positive - I would find great comfort in knowing there are meds that can be taken to reduce the risk measurably. I will have the test done for preventative measures. Take care and all the best to you.


Jenny - January 28

The test is not optional for your first pregnancy. It may have been optional early on in your pregnancy, but if given to early, then the results may be skewed. Once you hit 36 weeks, the doctor will do the test not matter what (a__suming it is your first pregnancy). The only time the doctor may not do it is if you are having your second baby and you tested negative for group b strep on your first child.


little00blondie - January 28

I have tested positive now twice! Each time they found it because I came in with another infection.... So Ive already been on antibiotics for GBS twice during 2nd trimester. Now Im in 3rd, and not very confident anything's cleared up....but Im told it's no biggie as long as dr.s stay on top of it during labor


Amanda - February 2

I tested positve for GBS at week 12 in my pregnancy through my urine. At 36 weeks I had a v____al swab done for GBS and it came back negative. But since I tested positive once then I had the antibiotics just to be safe. During labor I had the penicillin every 4 hours and I was in labor for 22 hours and my little guy came out perfect. But that is not true about only testing you if it is your first pregnancy. My boyfriends sister just had her third pregnancy and she did not test positive for GBS the first 2 times but the third time she did and she had the antibiotics in labor and her twins came out perfect as well. As long as you have the antibiotics you really have nothing to worry about. I spent my whole pregnancy worried about this and it really was no big deal!


To Cheryl - February 2

I also tested positive for group B in my first pregnancy. I still have to be tested for this pregnancy. All it means is that is you are having a v____al delivary you will have to be hooked up to a IV while in labour so the baby doesnt catch it . No biggie :)


Cheryl - February 3

Thanks for all your answers. I feel much better now..:))



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