Anyone Else SCARED Of Hospitals

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One-stressed-mama-to-be!!! - November 26

I am 40 weeks pregnant and I visited a friend in hospital today with her 2 day old baby. It struck I have never had to go to hospital before for any illness I am horrified. All seems so medical and clinical and looks so unfriendly. Not to mention uninviting. Didnt help that my girlfriend had a 41 hour labour and was still VERY pale and weak. Oh mi gosh. To top it off, I live in Paris, France and here you stay in hospital for FIVE days - not including the birth day, so I guess that makes it SIX. Any ideas to relax about it all? After all it is any day now!!!!


Preggers - November 26

Bring some items from home to help cheer you up. Anything from pillows to blankets, your own pj's, a radio with your favorite music.......


estee - November 27

HOSPITALS ARE FOR SICK PEOPLE! if you have a healthy pregnancy, body and baby, i would recommend a home birth with a midwife. the problem is however, that it needs a lot of time to find a good midwife, get to know her, get everything in your home well prepared and - most important - have a back - up hospital in case things go wrong. but it seems that time is what you don't have, so i'd recommend finding a birth center (some hospitals have birth centers also). and as far as i know (i am from switzerland) your insurance will most likely cover your stay at a birth center. so hurry up and find yourself and the baby a snuggly birth center! best of luck to the two of you!


amber - November 30

I am very freaked out about the hosp stay, thankfully here its only a 2 day stay for vag. and 3 day for csec. What I plan on doing is having my husband stay with me the entire time. Keep me company and take my mind off the fact that I am in the hospital. Bring some movies, DVDs, or CDs maybe... Also you can prolly tell your OBGYN that you are freaked about it and maybe they can give you something in an IV to help you relax. I plan on telling my OBGYN that i want something to keep me calm, I get panic attacks in Hospitals. Having the baby there with you I am sure helps, I mean, it has to! Good luck!!!


Mellissa - November 30

Hospitals thrive on routine. They must be a tightly run ship because each day on the maternity floor the unexpected happens and that is very tough for them to plan ahead. In other words: You end up feeling like a piece of meat in a long line of baby-making machines. Unfortunetly, this is unavoidable which is why I have a midwife because I don't plan on going to the hospital until she say's it's the last minute. After, I'm going home as soon as it's safe because the midwife visits me at home to examine the baby and me. Of course, it's too late at 40wks for that but it isn't too late to educate yourself. Call the hospital or your doctor straight away and tell them you are terrified and need to have a tour of the hospital and all of their facilities. Also, look up in your pregnancy books or online all of the variables that can occur when you show up the hospital in labour. Being well-infomed makes things less scary and it means that you'll feel less like a helpless child when doctors and techs and nurses appear to be making decisions for you. Remember, it's YOUR BODY and no one can force you into anything. Demand to be told the pros and cons of each procedure and the reasons behind them BEFORE they are administered.


estee - December 2

LONG LIVE MIDWIVES AND HOME BIRTHS!!! i feel you melissa! stressed mama - did you have your baby yet? did you go to the hospital? let us know what's up, ok? oh, and how is life in europe?


Diana - December 9

Yes, I am with the home birth people. Hospitals are for sick people. But I would like to add that women instinctively know how to give birth, and the birth process actually goes smoother in water, and is at its most efficient and smooth-proceeding when completely unhindered by either a doctor OR a midwife. If you read up and feel confident in your own body's abilities, and you either learn the emergency procedures or live quite close to a hospital in case there is a problem with the baby, then well, there are people who educate themselves and give birth una__sisted at home. They write books about it and you can do a web search about it and get lots of information. It's a good idea to read up on una__sisted birth and emergencies yourself anyway in case you go into labor in an unlikely place or something. If you are not comfortable with una__sisted home birth then I would suggest home birth with a midwife. Hospital birth is usually a very bad idea, they tend to jump to drugs and cesearans for poor reasons.


Diana - December 9

By the way birth is not a medical event, it is a natural body function. There is no reason to do it in a hospital unless your body *cannot* carry out natural funcitons on its own.



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